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Escape The Pesky Kimura From North/South



The north/south position in Jiu Jitsu can be tricky. There aren’t many people who specialize in attacks from that position. And even more so, most people don’t take the time to practice the defenses and escapes from it either. While there are not endless amounts of attacks from north/south, the few that are there are extremely powerful. One of those strong submission attacks is the kimura. The kimura escape from here needs to be done calmly and with total control of your emotions. The reason why people get submitted from north/south is because they panic and lose control of their escape details. Here are the details to escape the pesky kimura from north/south.

You made a mistake. Your opponent passed your guard and he went to the north/south position. Right away, your opponent starts to attack your left arm and you are in danger of being submitted. What you need to do first is use your left hand to grab your collar and clamp your elbow down to your own body. Clamp your elbow tightly to your body. This way, he will not have the correct spacing to finish the shoulder lock.

Once your grip and elbow are in proper placement, you can start to finish the escape. You must take your free hand and put it either on his quad or his knee. Then post your feet to the mat. Now push off the opponent’s leg with your free hand and hit a hip escape that puts your body away from your opponent. Once you do this, you’ll escape the kimura and hopefully regain your guard. The important aspect is escaping that shoulder lock. If you can regain your guard, that is even better. If you don’t have the correct timing, you can still escape the submission, but your opponent might end up having side control on you. But as I mentioned before, the biggest thing is to escape that lock and not get submitted. This escape is perfect for that.

Defense and offense go hand in hand. And usually, a good defense will allow you to get back to your offensive game. Get that defensive game up to par! And after north/south, a lot of the times, people who escape end up in turtle. This where we can put more of that defensive game to work. Check out Attacking & Defending The Turtle by Travis Stevens.

Click here to see Attacking & Defending The Turtle!


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