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The Awesome Double-Under Pass



One of my favorite guard passes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has got to be the double-under pass. While its cousin, the over-under pass seems to be more popular, as far as control goes, the double-under pass is my go to. The cool aspect of the double-under pass is that you hit it from playing low, or you can start it as a standing pass as well. No matter how you like to attain it, it is there for the picking. This is a pass the requires great gripping skills and lots of top pressure. If you enjoy that kind of passing, then you will enjoy this…

You have to be careful when first going for the pass. If you try to rush into it, there is a decent chance that you can get it countered. And the most common counter to it is the triangle choke. So take precaution. Get both of your arms under your opponent’s legs. Make sure his thighs are on your shoulders. You can lock your hands up with a gable grip by the opponent’s belly button or with grips on the inside of his gi pants. Use your control to pull your opponent’s hips up on your legs. Use one hand to cross grab his lapel and pull on it. Use your other hand to grab his pants by his hip and pull. You need to post up on both of your feet, on the balls of your feet and get ready to move.

Drive your body weight and pressure forward. This should prevent his legs from pummeling easily in. Now you need to start to move to the same side of the arm that you’re using to control his lapel. Simply shuck your head free and you’ll end up in a nice and tight side control. If your opponent is flexible, you may need to let go of his pants to remove his leg off your shoulder at the end, as demonstrated in the video.

Guard passing is daunting at first. But once you get your passing game down, it becomes downright great to get the passes done successfully. It just feels great to pass an opponent’s guard. It also works as a mental victory for the passer as well. If your passing game needs some assistance, there is an awesome DVD you can check out to improve it. One DVD that is particularly awesome, is Paul Schreiner’s Precise Pressure Passing.

Click here to see Precise Pressure Passing by one of Marcelo Garcia’s top students!



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