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How To Escape The Straight Foot Lock



While leg attacks are feared these days, they are not unstoppable. Instead of fearing the foot lock, one should respect it and know the proper defense of it. I have not been submitted by a straight foot lock in years, because of the fact that the proper defense is easy to master. Knowing the battles when it comes to lower body submissions is such an important aspect. Most people barely train leg attacks, let alone train the proper leg defenses. But the defense to the straight foot lock is one that can be studied, broken down and used to perfection. Let’s check out this fantastic defense.

So, let’s say your opponent has gotten the ashi garami position on you. Specifically on your right leg. This is the danger zone for you. Now is not the time to wait or see what happens. Your defense has to start immediately. Start by using your left hand to grab your opponent’s same side lapel, and pull him forward. As you do this, you need to kick your leg forward, the one that is being attack. Then curl the top of your foot/toes back. This is most commonly called, “putting on the boot”. While this will put you out of immediate danger, you are not yet out of danger completely.

With your right hand, grab his foot that is on your hip for the ashi position. Grab his foot up by his toes, and pin his foot to the mat. After his foot in pinned down, you need to hop your butt over that leg and sit down. Now post your right hand on the ground and use it to hop your hips over the opponent’s knee that is up for the ashi position. Important to note that as you post and hop over his knee, you need to keep pulling on his lapel. It will help you clear his knee easier. After this, you will end up in the mount position. Now you can make your opponent pay for that leg attack.

You should never fear a technique. You should respect it, understand its power and know how to defeat it. That is the key to success in this art and this sport. And while your offense will always be there for you, you need to make sure that your defense is up to par as well. If you’re going to improve your defensive game, check out Bernardo Faria’s Escapes from Everywhere.

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