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Felipe Pena’s Estima Lock From 50/50



If you know Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then you know Felipe Pena. The Gracie Barra black belt has won almost every big tournament that matters in Jiu Jitsu. Most recently he has dethroned, “The King” Gordon Ryan in a submission only no gi match. Felipe is a master of open guards, passing and even foot locks. He loves to play from the 50/50 guard and even has a preferred foot lock from that position. That foot lock is the estima lock. It works great, especially in gi competition. Here is a similar way to how Felipe does his estima lock.

So to get it easy, you will have to enter the 50/50 guard. You can start standing up to make your opponent believe that you are going to attempt a guard pass. This way, the estima lock will be deceptive in nature. So once you stand up, your opponent will have his foot on your hip. For the sake of the argument, perhaps he has his left foot on your hip. When does this, now we can begin to attempt our foot lock attack.

With your same side arm that matches the foot of your opponent on your hip, you must push your opponent’s toes into your stomach, and slightly crunch forward to lock his foot in place. Then use your right arm to begin to lock up a rear naked choke on his achilles and foot. Complete the full RNC grip on the foot. With your leg that is not wrapped up in the 50/50 position, use it to step close to your opponent. Squeeze and compress your grip on the foot and you will get the tap from the estima lock.

Felipe Pena is one of the best Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world, and has shown his world class abilities from the 50/50 position. He even was able to frustrate Gordon Ryan from the position in their match. He has a ton of awesome techniques from the 50/50 guard and has decided to pass these techniques on to the masses with his DVD set, The 50/50 Guard.

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