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Matt Arroyo’s Easy No Gi Guard Pass


People that train exclusively in the gi can become pretty excellent guard passers. But when those same people come over to the no gi world, those same awesome guard passers find out how difficult in can be to pass the guard when you lose to the kimono, pant and belt grips. While many of the ideas and concepts are the same, the passing techniques do indeed change. But just because the techniques change, there is no need to fret. Matt Arroyo, a former UFC vet and current BJJ black belt in Florida has a pain free, fundamentally sound way of passing the guard no gi style. Here is how to break down that no gi pass.

Posture is important

Before you attempt any pass, posture is where you need to start. No slouching over, or laying on our opponents. You need to look up, straight your back and keep your hips forward. This will prevent your opponent from simply pulling you in with his legs. After our posture is taken care of, you need to make sure your arms and locked out, with your elbows in and your hands on your opponent’s ribs.

Pin the hands to the body

Now since you do not have the kimono and belt grips, you’ll have to replace those grips. What you can do is simply grab your opponent’s wrists and pin his hands to his body. You can either grab both of his hands, or you can do a two on one grip on one of his hands. By doing that, you’ll be taking away your opponent’s submission attempts and his sweep attempts.

Step up and pass

Here is where you will be able to get ready to complete this guard break and pass. Step one of your legs up. For the sake of the technique, let’s say you step your left leg up to your opponent. Keep holding onto his left hand, because if you let go, there will be a few attacks available to him. Lock out your right arm, and put your right hand on his right knee. Turn your left knee into his hip and push down his right knee to break the guard. Now you can hit a double under pass, a knee slice pass, or if you’re feel frosty, you can go into leg attacks.

Matt Arroyo is a technical black belt that knows the game in and out. Besides his time in the UFC, he has regularly competed in both gi and no gi tournaments, having great success in them. He also teaches BJJ out of his own school, to pass his Jiu Jitsu knowledge to others. He also has been kind enough to make a DVD, passing on his black belt level knowledge.

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