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Sneaky Reverse Triangle By Travis Stevens



I love to check out all the instructional videos put out by Travis Stevens. For those of you who do not know who that is, he is a BJJ black belt, Judo black belt and took the silver medal at the Olympics in Judo, using his unique mixture of BJJ and Judo. Travis has a pretty interesting take on many Jiu Jitsu techniques due to his high level Judo experience. One of those interesting techniques is how he gets a sneaky reverse triangle after getting double legged. Yes, a reverse triangle after someone takes him down with a double leg takedown. Let’s see how this attack is done in detail.

So, you messed up. Your opponent got in on you and was able to dump you with a good ole double leg takedown. It happens! But no worries, you can make him pay for taking you down with it. As you hit the ground, you need to post your far arm, put your near arm over his armpit and do a big back step with near leg. By doing these simple things, you are setting up this deceiving choke. Now you need to lift your leg that is underneath your opponent and use your arm that is over his armpit to grab that shin. Pull it up and throw your  back stepped leg over to complete that triangle lock down.

Once you have that, you can try to submit your opponent with the reverse triangle if tight enough. If not, you can attack your opponent’s legs with a toe hold attack or you can use the position to turn over your opponent and work for a better, more offensively solid position. While a sprawl or another takedown defense technique is preferred, this is a great option if the takedown is completed on you.

Travis Stevens is such a game competitor and teacher. Unlike most people, he is a master of two arts that work so well with each other. He is able to see things that most others cannot due to his experience. This is just one of avenues that Travis has and wants to share with the world. If you’re interested in some of these techniques done by a world class grappler, then check out his “Chokes” DVD.

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