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Fight 2 Win 100: Tracey Goodell wins!

Fight 2 Win 100: Tracey Goodell wins!


2018's Black belt of the Year starts 2019 off With a Bang

On February 2nd, the Fight 2 Win promotion held their 100th show.  To celebrate this special occasion, Fight 2 Win held an exciting card at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Headlining this event was Fight 2 Win’s 2018 female black belt of the year, Tracey Goodell, who went 2-0 last year with two submissions.  Facing Tracey was San Diego based Canadian BJJ competitor Rita Gribben.  Gribben had recently been promoted to black belt after the IBJJF Worlds and had recently lost a close decision to top grappler , Kristina Barlann.

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Black Belt Results

Tracey Goodell defeats Rita Gribben Triangle Armbar  - Submission of the Night

Ridge Blackburn defeats Zack Peng armbar

César Casamajó defats Royal Mitchell choke

Aj Mendoza defeats Chris Nitta triangle

Gordon Kimura defeats Westen Waltjen decision

Kim Terra defats Bilal Ahmad decision - Fight of the Night

Keola Akao defeats Lindsey Arcangel Decision

Jeffrey Huang defeats Clifton Teshima Toe Hold

Kyle Foyle defeats Kevin Tang Decision

Jeremy Nitta defeats Bernardo Cruz Decision

Titus Nihi Napoleon defats Kaelo Hosaka Decision

Pete Shoemaker defeats Joel Bouhey Foot Lock

Kyle Snyder-Olivares defeats Cameron Fraser

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Brown Belt Results

Troy Everett defats Chris Leben Decision

Thang Nguyen defeats Daniel Deanna Decision

Tim Hirata defeats Ricky Ridela Decision

Michael Andrews-Newman defeats Sergio Esquivel armbar

Kyle Oswalt defeats Brandon Bell Triangle Armbar - Submission of the Night

Patrick Stachel defeats Daren Martin Decision

Adam Taufmann defeats Taylor Kuhia Triangle

Scott Miyamoto defeats Jason Tanaka Decision

Christian Chun Fat defeats Cory Okuda Split Decision

Alvin Yeh defeats Ron Juhn Split Decision

Ryne Yoshimura defeats Joel Courtenay Decision Fight of the Night

Jimmy Sengdetka defeats Todd Tokuyoshi split deicison

Will Torres defeats Ryan Pilanca Choke from back


Purple Belt Results

Nick Alcoran defeats Jayson Kira Decision

Kaika Sasaoka defeats Garrett Gonsalves decision

Celeste Gage defeats Maka Paracuelles Shoulder Lock - Submission of the Night

Grant Mochizuki defeats Garry Nakamura Decision

Wai Potts defeats Mike Chu decision

Patrick Diego defeats Nakia Naeole Oma Plata

Jan Okada Combs Defeats Molly Bowser Decision

Todd Tokuyoshi defeats Charles Quintanilla Split Decision Fight of the Night

Justin Puerto defeats Bill Takeuchi Split Decision


Kids and Teen Results

Aiden Riley vs Owen Goo Armbar - Submission of the Night

Rawlins Fukuda defats Kai Godwin Decision – Fight of the Night

Jonah Kapihe defeats Miciah Garan Decision


Fight 2 Win 100 Results fighters paid $31,827 in salaries and commissions.

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