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Gordon Ryan Victorious at Kasai Pro Super Series

Gordon Ryan Victorious at Kasai Pro Super Series


The King wins 19th Straight

Gordon Ryan was victorious last night over Joao Rocha at Kasai Pro in Dallas. The match offered lots of back and forth moments and some overtime excitement, but Ryan was able to seal the victory by being more active and attacking Rocha’s legs in overtime to score. There were reversals from both combatants early, and a takedown that took both competitors off of the stage, but not much in the way of submission attempts. A late passing attempt by Rocha had everyone on the edge of their seat, and it seemed even Rocha thought he had scored before overtime had expired. But Ryan had already sealed the deal.

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Rocha is very skilled, and had roughly 40 lbs. on Ryan, but Ryan seemed unphased by the weight difference and his guard seemed other worldly at Kasai. It figures that as we patiently await Ryan’s guard passing instructional, he puts on one of the most amazing examples of guard retention ever. Maybe in the future we’ll be treated to an instructional on Ryan’s amazing guard work. Time will tell.

Despite the weight advantage Ryan was able to stay composed through the entire match and keep Rocha at a distance. Ryan continues to display incredible levels of skill in all positions during his completion endeavors, and Kasai was no exception.

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With Ryan’s recent announcement on his plans to pursue a career inside the cage, I wonder how much more time we’ll have watching him dominate the no gi competitive circuit. He’s had an amazing run, and we have no doubt that whatever his next endeavor may be that “The King” will succeed. Congratulations Gordon Ryan.

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