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Gi Technique with Gordon Ryan

Gi Technique with Gordon Ryan


With King Of No-Gi Here With Some Awesome Gi Jiu-Jitsu Technique!

As Gordon Ryan transitions to the gi, we’re all waiting quite impatiently to see what that might look like. The no gi phenom has pretty much covered all his bases as far as no gi accolades go. It will be interesting to see how his skills translate to the gi, and what kind of style pops out when it's time for Ryan to start throwing his hat into the ring of gi competition. We don’t know how long the wait will be, but in the meantime here’s a glimpse of some gi technique from the king himself. Enjoy.

No matter how many times I see a butterfly sweep performed, I’m always surprised by the subtle details that high level BJJ players contribute to it, to make it their own. There are always some commonalities as well, but that’s the beautiful thing about BJJ. Everyone makes it their own.

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Ryan chooses 2 grips that may be slightly unorthodox here in terms of the butterfly sweep. Many times, an under hook and an over hook are the preferred controls for a butterfly sweep, but Ryan opts for control of the belt, and control of the wrist. A great detail here is the stuffing of the wrist to his opponents’ belly. This aids in trapping the hand much more effectively than acquiring a one on one style grip. Ryan uses the belt as he would an over hook to pull his partners weight into a position where his balance becomes more vulnerable. He also frees his right foot from the butterfly position to use it as a tool to push off the mat and generate more power for the reversal.

I also took note of the position of Ryan’s head here. So many times, we’re told to keep our head in a position that mimics listening to our partners heart. At times this may lead to our head being squashed during the execution of the technique. Ryan keeps his head above his partners head. Interesting for sure, as it can be very difficult to occupy the space below your partners head when they’re trying to remain tight in their positioning.

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There are some nice ideas at work here. And while we’re getting anxious to see Ryan in the competitive gi circuit, this will have to do. For now.

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