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John Danaher Fixes Your Kimura in 3 Minutes

John Danaher Fixes Your Kimura in 3 Minutes


Simple Fix That Will Make Your Kimura POWERFUL!

Successful jiu-jitsu lies in sound mechanics. The rate at which you submit and dominate will be heavily influenced by how much you are willing to analyze the smaller areas of your technique. A great quote to describe this process is one from Emily Dickinson. She once said, “take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves”. It’s true. If we pay attention to the finer details of our technique this will serve us in a big way.

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John Danaher may be one of the best proponents of this kind of philosophy. He teaches in a manner that really shines light on the finer details. And not only is the detail work paid attention to, it is battle tested and scientifically on point. Danaher understands the anatomy of a break like no other, and his instruction can be digested by the greenest beginner, or the veteran expert.

Take this video on the kimura for instance. Pay close attention to Danaher’s breakdown of the shoulder line concept. Have a look.

The position of our legs, the position of our opponents’ elbow in relationship to the shoulder, and the control of the head play a critical role in the conquest of a successful kimura. If the elbow is a great distance from the shoulder line, our opponent will feel less pressure. As this gap is closed the breaking power of the kimura will be greatly increased. Even in this situation where Danaher cannot bend his partner’s arm into the preferred “L” shape for the break, applying this principle will allow him to still produce a massive amount of pressure to the shoulder, which causes the submission. Rather than pushing the hand, which is common with the kimura, Danaher emphasizes a pulling motion on the shoulder, a much more effective method to produce the tap.

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