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The Reverse Kimura With Dean Lister

The Reverse Kimura With Dean Lister


As if it isn’t hard enough to guard against kimuras, now—thanks to Dean Lister—we need to look out for reverse kimuras, too!  Sheesh!

But, on the bright side, the reverse kimura is a sneaky little attack that your opponent might not be expecting.

In this short video, Lister goes through the steps of the reverse kimura from guard:

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Lister explains that the reverse kimura is available from the full guard when your opponent has a hand on the ground.  

Instead of going for the kimura, which your opponent will probably recognize, Lister suggests a different approach to the same end.

Lister begins the reverse kimura by getting the underhook on his opponent and bringing his underhooking hand up almost to the front of his opponent’s shoulder blade.


Next, Lister uses that underhooking hand to grab his other bicep.

Then, he catches his opponent’s wrist with his free hand and the reverse kimura is set.  All Lister has to do from that point is twist up to apply torque.

Lister notes that, if he can slide a bit more toward his opponent’s side, that will help to apply torque to the kimura, but overall the mechanics to this reverse kimura are the same as for a traditional kimura.

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