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More Kimura Magic With John Danaher

More Kimura Magic With John Danaher


Failed Kimura? Not Now! Be Able To Advance Your Position!

Securing a kimura on a much stronger individual can be incredibly difficult. If they have extremely strong grips, or have locked the arm that’s being attacked close to their body, we might run into trouble attempting to finish the lock. There may be a point where we have to abandon the kimura, and transition to a more favorable position. This is common, and there many options to pick from. Here is a great example with excellent details from John Danaher. Take at look at his method of how to handle transitioning from a kimura that’s not producing the desired results.

From the top position with the kimura fully locked, Danaher makes a switch before sitting to the armbar that you may not have considered before. He threads his right arm through and establishes an elbow to elbow position with his partners arm. He’s then able to us the floor to make a base, windshield wiper his feet, and slide into an armbar position. He immediately reacquires the kimura grip to prevent what you may know as the “hitchhiker” escape. This type of control over the arm makes it nearly impossible for your opponent to use this particular method of escape.

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I really enjoy this next idea. Danaher threads his leg through his partners arm, which lands him with both feet on the same side of the head. He slips the legs up and over the shoulder of his partner, creating a very tight platform from which to launch the arm bar. After the grip has been dismantled the arm can then be taken. This positioning of the feet also gives Danaher a contingency plan should his partner turn into him, instead of turning away to avoid the armbar. If this is the case, he’ll have a triangle chambered and ready as his partner comes up.

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