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Kasai PRO 4 Results!

Kasai PRO 4 Results!


Kasai Pro 4 was an Amazing Event!

The Hammerstein Ballroom is a two-tiered 12,000 square foot ballroom located in midtown Manhattan in New York City.  It was constructed in 1906 by Oscar Hammerstein, a businessman and composer, as the home of the Manhattan Opera Company - an alternative to the more expensive Metropolitan Opera located nearby.  Throughout its storied history, many famous plays, shows, and acts have performed here. In recent times, such acts like Britney Spears, Iron Maiden, Jane's Addiction, Patti LaBelle, David Bowie have all performed here.

This weekend, the Hammerstein Ballroom was the home of Kasai Pro 4- which had an unbelievable 8-man no gi tournament, crowning their World Featherweight Champion (145 lbs / 65.77 kg) and exciting super fights featuring  Renato Canuto versus Vagner Rocha, and Matheus Lutes versus Jeremiah Vance. Unfortunately the main superfight match- featuring Gordon Ryan versus Matheus Diniz had to be cancelled, as the New York State Athletic Commission required additional blood work from Gordon Ryan that could not be provided in time (Ryan was born with Hepatitis C - and though he has been treated and cleared of the infection for over a decade, the NYSAC still required additional blood work to clear him to compete).

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About Kasai

Kasai Elite Grappling Championships is a "premier competitive professional and amateur Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) promotion, committed to hosting live events featuring the most talented male and female grapplers from around the globe."  This exciting promotion was founded in 2016 by various world famous names in the business and grappling world. Among the executive team are Rolles Gracie, Kasai's president, who is a fourth degree BJJ black belt, and son of legendary Rolls Gracie and Rich Byrne, Kasai's Chief  Executive Officer, who is also the President of Benefit Street Partners and CEO of Business Development Corporation of America and Benefit Street Partners Realty Trust- and a black belt in BJJ as well. Rounding out the executive team are Ken Gelman, Kasai's Chief Operating Officer, who founded G-Funk Sports and Entertainment- with clients including NFL Digital Media, ESPN, National Hockey League, Warner Home Video, and more, and Kenny Florian, Erik Owings, and John Cholish- experts in the BJJ and grappling community.

Featherweight Champion

Although the grappling community was undoubtedly disappointed at missing this supermatch, the rest of the card was equally thrilling.  In the Featherweight competition, Gianni Grippo was able to advance from his bracket which consisted of rising star Ethan Crelinsten, and BJJ elites Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes and Kim Terra.  In the finals, he faced Paulo Miyao, who had to survive an equally difficult bracket which consisted of Bruno Frazatto, Geo Martinez, and Frank Rosenthal. In the finals, Gianni was able to win a close back and forth match versus Paulo Miyao.  During the match, Gianni was awarded 1 point for a threatening toe hold. Paulo was then able to able to come back on top to lead 2-1. In the last 10 seconds of the match, Gianni was able to get a sweep to secure the victory 3-2.

This match marked the third time Grippo and Miyao have faced off this year.  At the Abu Dhabi World Pro in April, Miyao won by advantage (2 to 2 points); and, last September, at the LA Pro, Grippo was able to perform another last second sweep to win in the finals against Miyao by the score of 2-0.  

Super Fight Results

For the main superfight: Renato Canuto versus Vagner Rocha, the action was equally exciting.  Renato scored 3 points off a double leg takedown and a near single leg takedown. However, in the last few seconds of the match, Vagner nearly mounted and took Canuto's back, failing to establish position (in the ref's eyes) to be rewarded points, losing 0-3.

In the other super fights, Marvin Castelle, of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, threatened Carlos Rosado of Gracie Barra, with dangerous leg attacks, but it was Carlos Rosado's quick double leg takedown in the 2 minute overtime that secured the victory for him.  In the second superfight of the night, Jeremiah Vance of 10th Planet faced off against Mateus Lutes of Marcelo Garcia's. The match began with Lutes shooting for a takedown as Vance pulled guard. Soon afterwards, Lutes was able to establish top position, passing the guard and hunting for submissions.  Lutes had a close armlock submission which Vance skillfully and narrowly escaped, but Lutes was able to secure the north south choke for the win soon afterwards.


The remaining results of the Kasai Pro 4 event are as follows:

The 8 Man Featherweight Tournament:

ROUND 1 Group A:

Geo Martinez vs. Bruno Frazatto. Geo Martinez winner 3-2 (2 points). *Bruno Frazatto injured and ruled out of the tournament. *Frank Rosenthal receives a bye and 2 points.

Paulo Miyao vs. Frank Rosenthal. Paulo Miyao winner 10-1 (2 points).

ROUND 1 Group B:

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Gianni Grippo. Gianni Grippo winner 9-2 (2 points).

Kim Terra vs. Augusto Mendes. Augusto Mendes winner 2-0 (2 points).

ROUND 2 Group A:

Paulo Miyao vs. Geo Martinez. Paulo Miyao winner 2-0 (2 points).

ROUND 2 Group B:

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Augusto Mendes. Augusto Mendes winner 2-0 (2 points).

Gianni Grippo vs. Kim Terra. Gianni Grippo winner 8-0 (2 points).

ROUND 3 Group A:

Geo Martinez vs. Frank Rosenthal. Frank Rosenthal winner 1-0 (2 points)

*Paulo Miyao gets a bye and 2 points due to Frazatto’s injury from round 1.

ROUND 3 Group B:

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Kim Terra. Ethan Crelinsten winner 2-1 (2 points).

Gianni Grippo vs. Augusto Mendes. DRAW. Gianni Grippo advances to the finals vs. Paulo Miyao.

3rd Place:

Frank Rosenthal vs. Augusto Mendes. Augusto Mendes winner 9-0 placing 3rd.

Featherweight Tournament Championship:

Gianni Grippo vs. Paulo Miyao. Gianni Grippo winner 3-2 and Featherweight Tournament Champion!


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  1. Marvin Castile (10P) vs. Carlos Rosado (Gracie Barra North Babylon). Carlos Rosado winner by points with a takedown in OT
  2. Jeremiah Vance vs. Matheus Lutes. Matheus Lutes winner by North South Choke.
  3. Vagner Rocha vs. Renato Canuto. Renato Canuto winner 3-0.


The Undercard:

Tony Bergamo (Mushin MMA) vs. Silvio Duran (Vitor Shaolin BJJ). Silvio Duran winner by points .

Junny Ocasio (Unity BJJ) vs. Rey De Leon (10th Planet). Junny Ocasio winner by points.

Steve Kasten (10th Planet LI) vs. Thiago Rela (Rela BJJ). Steve Kasten winner by Heel Hook.

Italio Moura (Unity) vs. Nick Fiore (Renzo Gracie New Hampshire). Italo Moura winner by points.

Jesse Florentino (Stout BJJ) vs. Randy Nieves (Vamos BJJ). Jesse Florentino winner by points.

Caio Basso (Igor Gracie Academy) vs. Cameron Chaffee (Gracie Humaita Philly). Cameron Chaffee winner by points.

Mathaus Anderson (Gregor Gracie Academy) vs. Jon Potts (Monster MMA). Mathaus Anderson winner by Armbar.

Sean Yadimarco (Savarese BJJ) vs. Josh Boodhoo (OAMA). Sean Yadimarco winner by points.

Timmy Halaby (Gracie Barra LI) vs. Jeferson Guaresi (Unity BJJ). Jefferson Guaresi winner by Triangle.

James Taylor (East Coast MMA) vs. Justin Reyna (Essential). Justin Reyna winner by points


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