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BJJ Gis For Under $100

BJJ Gis For Under $100


Good Values To Get You A Nice Gi, That Will LAST!

To keep it short, not all of us can afford a $300+ gi.  Here is a list of gis that can be purchased for under $100.  This is not a list of best to worst, but simply just a list.

Flow Kimonos – Air/Axion Models

These two gis are available on Flow’s website for a price that’s a little higher than $100, but if you sign up to be a VIP member (you will be prompted when visiting their website), you will receive coupon codes for $30-$50 off.  The white versions of the gis start out at $120 and the blue and black models are $130. VIP members often receive $50 coupon codes for these gis, making the final price $70-$80 plus shipping.

93 brand – Standard Issue Gi/Hooks v3 & v4

93 brand makes a very comfortable and true to size gi.  They have two models that start at $99, the Standard Issue, the Hooks v3, and the Hooks v4.  Personally owning one for the past 3 years, this brand has held up very well.

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Sanabul – Highlight Competition Gi/Essentials v2 Ultra-Light

As of late, Sanabul gis have been popping up more frequently in pictures on my timelines and news feeds.  This made me curious as to what the hype was about. After visiting their website, I was able to see why. The most expensive gi they produce is the Highlights Competition gi, which is $99.  The other option from them is the Essentials v2 Ultra-Light gi, which starts at $69.99.

Fuji – All-Around Gi

Fuji gis have been around for a long time.  Although, I don’t own one, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the quality of their products.  They have the All-Around gi, which will run you $99.

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If you find a good deal on a gi on your own and you’re unsure about it, you can always ask your instructor or teammates.  If you’re in the market for a new gi and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for one, these seven listed are a great solution.

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