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Self Defense Instructional Videos for Under $50

Self Defense Instructional Videos for Under $50


Like many other people out there, I like to get the best bang for my buck.  If you’re looking to advance your overall knowledge of self-defense, there are plenty of instructional videos out there to learn from.  Here is a list of a few self-defense videos that you can get for under $50.

Police Self Defense Tactics for the Street by Jay Wadsworth ($39)

Jay Wadsworth is a BJJ black belt and a long time police officer.  In his video he teaches distance control, a few sweeps, and weapon defense.  If you’re a LEO, or interested in the difference between sport BJJ and self-defense, this video is perfect for you.

Police Tactics for Police Officers & Instructors by Jay Wadsworth ($39)

In his video, Jay discusses techniques that all LEOs should know for more serious scenarios that may arise while on the job.  

Alpha Male Self Defense by Dean Lister ($47)


Dean Lister is a long time martial artist.  His experiences from around the world will definitely help you up your game when it comes to self-defense.  

Weapons for Self Defense by Chad Lyman ($47)

Chad Lyman has a long history of working with LEOs.  He has spent the majority of his life practicing self-defense.  In his video, he shows you how to utilize a few objects that you may have on you if you would happen to get into an altercation.

Any of these videos can be a great addition to your collection.  Each instructor with their own unique sets of skills will definitely help you get through any barriers or new scenarios that you may have.


BJJ Fanatics has a TON of DVDs dedicated to your self defense! Check them all our here!


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