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Fight 2 Win 101 Results!

Fight 2 Win 101 Results!


Fight 2 Win held their 101st event on February 8th at Denver's National Western Stock Show Complex.  This event was the first time the organization held a Judo match- with US Olympian Ryan Reser defeating Mexican National Team veteran Javier Torres , by Ippon.

Champions Crowned:

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In the Women Masters Bantamweight Championship, Tracey Goodell defeated Vanessa Wexler in the main event of the night by loop choke to become the new champion of that division.  In the brown belt division, Alex Lablong of Easton Training Center defeated Eric Coe by decision to become the F2W Brown Belt Welterweight Champion. In the purple belt division, Trevor Polhamus defeated Dan Dykeman by decision to win the F2W Purple Belt Bantamweight Championship.

Fight of the Night Honors:

In the black belt division, Tracey Goodell and Vanessa Wexler's match was named the fight of the night. Casey Molina's match with James Mikus was the fight of the night in the brown belt division, and Jonathan Wilson and Kit Croop won the honors for the purple belt division.

Submission of the Night Honors:

Submission of the Night honors went to Vellore Caballero with his Electric Chair submission over Sergio Castillo in the black belt division, Jeremy Hastings with his armbar submission over Shane Lemaster in the brown belt division, and Rusin Hughes' heel hook over Anthony Werner in the purple belt division.

Full Results:

Black Belt Results

Tracey Goodell defeats Vanessa Wexler by Loop Choke

Mike Nickels defeats Ray Rahn by Decision

Vellore Caballero defeats Sergio Castillo by Electric Chair

Brian Sparrow defeats Phillip Fitzpatrick by Decision

Evan Barrett defeats Justin Downing by Decision

Seth Daniels defeats Kuhio Tabancura by Kimura

Philip Miller Defeats Deilson Pimenta by Split Decision

Kevin Lewis defeats Mark Genco by Decision

Angel Lopez defeats Jeremy Adler by Decision

Phillip Lietz defeats Justin Curtis by Armbar

Black Belt Judo

Ryan Reser defeats Javier Torres by Ippon

Brown Belt Results

Alex Yablong defeats Eric Coe by Decision

Ricky Furioso Johnson defeats Matt Sierra by Decision

Walker Madden defeats Justin Colburn by Heel Hook

Casey Molina defeats James Mikus by Decision

Joshua Sauseda defeats David Wenig  by Decision

Jeremy Hastings defeats Shane Lemaster by Armbar

Heather Woods defeats Sharicka Long Oneil by Decision

Casey Pratt defeats Brett Hernandez by Decision

Daymar Ortiz defeats Jeremy Wynia by Decision

Alex Yablong defeats Jalen Reyes by Decision

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Purple Belt Results

Trevor Polhamus defeats Dan Dykeman by Split Decision

Clay Wimer defeats Jarred Ferrara by RNC

Nick Gamez-Ramos defeats Samuel Castro by Armbar

Bryan Brescia defats Carlos Garcia by Decision

Jonathan Wilson defeats Kit Croop by Darce

Kristina Lebsack Ogden defeats Shannon Sinn by decision

Rustin Hughes defeats Anthony Werner by Heel Hook

Richard Vigil defeats Dan Becker by Decision

Sean P. Speer defeats Andy Binol by Decision

Cristian Reyes defeats Levi Rowe by RNC

Eric Sainz defeats Lawrence Beek by Decision

Carlos E. Espinosa defeats Nicholas BIrgel by Head & Arm Choke

Shayne Figliola Jr. defeats Eli Corte by Decision

Matt Paul defeats Tim Colvin by Armbar

Edward Johnson defeats Jamil Coleman by Heel Hook

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