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RESULTS! ADCC 2019 North American West Coast Pro Trials

RESULTS! ADCC 2019 North American West Coast Pro Trials

On February 9th, the ADCC 2018 North American West Coast Pro Trials took place in Burbank, CA.  Competitors in the 66kg, 77kg, 88kg, 99kg, +99kg, were vying to qualify for the ADCC 2019 World Championships which will take place in Anaheim, Ca on Sept. 28 and 29, 2019.   This event proved to be one of the largest ADCC trials ever, with over 340 competitors, with 10th Planet Academy bringing 74 competitors to the competition.

Also, by keeping an open mind and absorbing effective techniques from other disciplines, he brought a leg lock foundation that he was able to build on and achieve a high degree of success with throughout his career.


ADCC West Coast Trial Champions


66 Kilograms: Nicky Ryan (Renzo Gracie)

77 Kilograms: John Combs (Easton Training Center)

88 Kilograms: Josh Hinger (ATOS)

99 Kilograms: Mason Fowler (CTA - Caio Terra Association)

+99 Kilograms: Nick Rodriguez (Renzo Gracie)


60 Kilograms: Jena Bishop (Alliance)

+60 Kilograms: Amanda Leve (Ricardo Almeida BJJ)

ADCC West Coast Trial Results- Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals:


Quarter Finals

Nicky Ryan defeated Kade Ruotolo by outside heel hook

Richard Alarcon defeated Tye Ruotolo by 2×0

Keith Kirkorian defeated Pedro Serrano by anaconda choke

Sal Guerriero defeated Junny Ocasio by 2×0


Nicky Ryan defeated Richard Alarcon by RNC

Keith Kirkorian defeated Sal Guerriero by triangle


Nicky Ryan defeated Keith Kirkorian by RNC

3rd Place

  1. Alarcon defeated Sal Guerriero by decision


Quarter Finals

Enrico Cocco defeated Thomas Keenan by 2×0

John Combs defeated Max Rohskopf by RNC

William Tacket defeated Jason Rau by 4×2

Stephen Simms defeated Nathan Orchard by 4×0


John Combs defeated Stephen Simms 3×2

William Tacket defeated Enrico Cocco by 2×0


John Combs defeated William Tacket by mounted guillotine

3rd Place

Enrico Cocco defeated Stephen Simms by 2×0


Quarter Finals

John Blank defeated W. Lavine by footlock

Josh Hinger defeated H. Colvin by 8×0

Roberto Jimenez defeated Kevin Crane by kneebar

Stan Rosa defeated Quentin Rosenzweig by straight ankle lock


Josh Hinger defeated John Blank by 4×0

Stan Rosa defeated Roberto Jimenez by verbal tap (injury?)


Josh Hinger defeated Stan Rosa by anaconda choke

3rd Place

Jon Blank (forefeit)


Quarter Finals

Nick Schrock defeated Andy Perez 7×0

Paul Ardila defeated Erick Cruz by inside heel hook

Manson Fowler defeated Stephen Martinez by 4×0

Diego Vazquez defeated H. James Seide by 6×0


Manson Fowler defeated Paul Ardila by decision

Diego Vazquez defeated Nick Schrock by decision


Manson Fowler defeated Diego Vazquez by choke/crank from omoplata

3rd Place

Paul Ardila defeated Nick Schrock by 5×0

+99 KILOGRAMS (Male)

Quarter Finals

Casey Hellenberg defeated J. House by 7×0

  1. Rodriguez defeated by Jimmy Friederich by submission

Jesseray Childrey defeated J. Taghvai by straight ankle lock

  1. Hansen defeated A.Baker by 5×0


Nick Rodriguez defeated Casey Hellenberg by 5×0

Jon Hansen defeated J. Childrey by submission


Nick Rodriguez defeated Jon Hansen by RNC

3rd Place

Casey Hellenberg (forefeit)

60 KILOGRAMS (Female)

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Quarter Finals

  1. Sharp defeated Heather Raftery by decision
  2. Sullivan defeated D. Kelly by submission

Jenna Bishop defeated B. Stikkelman by submission

Erin Herle defeated F. Jorge by 6×0


Jenna Bishop defeated Erin Herle by RNC

Nikki Sullivan defeated H. Sharp by 2×0


Jenna Bishop defeated Nikki Sullivan by 2×0

+60 KILOGRAMS (Female)

Quarter Finals

  1. Clay defeated C. Hansen by submission
  2. Leve defeated P. Borras by 2×0
  3. Evangelista defeated Raquel Canuto by submission
  4. Grindatti defeated Monique Ricardo by 5×0


Amanda Leve defeated E. Clay by submission

  1. Grindatti defeated N. Evangelista by 3×0


Amanda Leve defeated M. Grindatti by flying triangle/armbar

3rd Place

  1. Clay defeated N. Evangelista by submission

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