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Fight 2 Win 97: Dustin Akbari vs. Michael Liera Jr.

Fight 2 Win 97: Dustin Akbari vs. Michael Liera Jr.


On January 11, 2019, Fight 2 Win will have their 97th event in Sacramento, CA.  Headlining the event will be Team Alpha Male’s Dustin Akbari vs Atos’ Michael Liera Jr. in a 165 lbs. No Gi match.  The co-main event will be for the Master’s Black Belt NO Gi Title with Yemaso BJJ’s Eliot Kelly (ADCC US Trials Champion, 2016) vs. Unity BJJ’s Tex Johnson (ADCC US Trials Champion, 2018).

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Dustin Akbari

Dustin “The Persian Prince” Akbari is a black belt under Cassio Werneck.  He is currently one of the coaches at the world famous MMA team, Team Alpha Male- headed by Urijah Faber.  While Akbari has a stellar MMA record of 5 wins and 1 loss, in recent years, he has been busy competing in various grappling events.  As of late, he has competed in a number of Fight 2 Win events (losing close split decision matches to Enrico Cocco, and Vagner Rocha), Quintet (he drew with Daniel Strauss), and the ADCC Trials – where he reached the semifinals, and hit a unique shoulder lock which he coined the “Persian Prybar”.

Michael Liera Jr.

Michael Liera Jr. was born on September 29, 1993 in Littleton, Colorado.  After watching UFC 60, where Royce Gracie lost against Matt Hughes, Michael and his dad visited a local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym and began training there.  They first started training under coach Odie Neto, but moved to Joao Cunha of Pitbull Jiu Jitsu where Liera Jr. received his yellow and orange belts. As a teenager, he then moved to Saulo and Xande Ribeiro’s gym, where he received his blue and purple belt.  Afterwards, he moved to Andre Galvao at the Atos headquarters in San Diego, where he received his brown belt in 2013, and his black belt in November 2014.

As a black belt, Michael Liera, Jr. is a IBJJF Pan Am Champion (2018), IBJJF European Open Champion (2016), IBJJF Pan Am Championship Bronze Medalist (2017),  and IBJJF No Gi World Championship Bronze Medalist (2017). At the lower belts, he was a IBJJF World Champion as a brown belt (2014), purple belt (2013), and blue belt (2011), as well as an IBJJF World No Gi champion at purple belt (2012).

Fight 2 Win 97 Matches:

165lbs Black Belt NOGI:  Dustin Akbari (Team Alpha Male) vs Michael LIera Jr (Atos)

Masters Black Belt NOGI Title:  Eliot Kelly (EDH/Yemaso BJJ) vs Tex Johnson (Unity BJJ)

Super Heavyweight Black Belt GI:  Ernest Mello (Crosley Gracie) vs Ricardo Patncho Feliciano (Checkmat)

230lbs Black Belt GI:  Ricardo Barros (RBBJJ) vs Stephen Hall (Alliance)

200lbs Black Belt NOGI:  Bryant Pangelinan (Sabre BJJ) vs Tim Freeman (Stockton Jiu Jitsu)

190lbs Black Belt GI:  Rich Bothun (Yemaso BJJ) vs Manny Rocha (Strive Academy)

180lbs Black Belt GI:  Miguel Augusto (Ares BJJ) Vs Dom Hoskins (Domination Martial Arts)

170lbs Black Belt NOGI:  Marcus Boness (Yemaso BJJ) vs Louie Moreno (Checkmat)

165lbs Black Belt Gi:  Chad Bingham (Alliance) vs David Henson (Infinite Jiu Jitsu)

163lbs Black Belt NOGi:  Rocky Fort (Sabre BJJ) vs James Cotter (FTTC)

155LBS BLACK BELT GI:  David Maxwell (Maxwell BJJ) vs Rodrigo Cardoso (Ralph Gracie)

120lbs NOGI:  Tracey Goodell (Caveirinha JIU JITSU) VS chelsi garcia aguayo (Norcal Fight alliance)

Super Heavy Weight Brown Belt GI:  Daniel Lebeau (Werneck BJJ) vs Clint Treadway (Komainu/Yemaso BJJ)

210lbs Brown Belt Gi:  Daniel Wuerthner (Infinite Jiu Jitsu) vs Troy Everett (Mile High Gracie)

185lbs Brown Belt NOGi:  Vince Barbosa (Renzo Gracie) vs Michael Malott (Team Alpha Male)

185lbs Brown Belt GI:  Damien Wright (Waza BJJ) vs Tony Perez (Carlson Gracie)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi:  Elizabeth Mitrovic (Cassio Werneck/Akbari/TAM) vs Brittney Elkin (The Kompound)

145lbs Brown Belt GI:  Vijay Sama (Team Maxwell/Empire BJJ) vs Joseph Taylor (CTA)

135lbs Brown Belt NOGI:  Antoine Green-Gibson (Cassio Werneck) vs Sean Joseph (Sabre Jiu JItsu)

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205lbs Purple Belt GI:  Rob Parks (Waza BJJ) vs Adam Gilbert (Yemaso BJJ)

200lbs Purple Belt Gi:  Nick Pica (Cesar Gracie) vs Bryce Sexton (Cassio Werneck)

200lbs Purple Belt Gi:  Anthony Mercado (Ralph Gracie) vs Sam Tanner (Fabio Prado BJJ)

190lbs Purple Belt NOGI:  Ian Johnson (Infinite Jiu Jitsu) vs Zack Felkins (Carnage)

185lbs Purple Belt Gi:  James Lampe (Yemaso BJJ) vs Mitchel Torres (Cassio Werneck BJJ)

175lbs Purple Belt NOGI:  Scott Chapman (Infinite Jiu Jitsu) vs Robert Marlowe (Nick Diaz Academy)

175lbs Purple Belt Gi:  Jacob Pupo (Cassio Werneck) vs Manny Mendoza (CTA)

165lbs Purple Belt Gi:  John Tai (Yemaso BJJ) vs Larry White (Infinite Jiu Jitsu)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi:  Billy English (Yemaso BJJ) vs Nathan Duenas (CTA)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi:  Heather Woods (ATOS) vs Joy Pendell (Akbari BJJ)

150lbs Purple Belt Gi:  Andrew Be (CTA) vs Antonio Cumerlato (Atos)

145lbs Purple Belt NOGI:  David Acosta (Team Alpha Male) vs Trinidad Bautista (Beda BJJ)

135tlbs Purple Belt NOGI:  Albert Tapia (10th Planet) vs Nico Lozada (Cassio Werneck BJJ)

135lbs NOGI:  Patricia South Worth (Yemaso BJJ) vs Tati Alvarez (Carnage Jiu Jitsu)

125lbs Teen Orange Belt GI:  Dylan Marlowe (Nick Diaz Academy) vs Hector Morales (Team Maxwell)

115lbs Teen NOGI:  Jesse Reyes (Inside BJJ/10th planet) vs Spencer Her (Team Maxwell)

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