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Make the Americana Great Again

Make the Americana Great Again


Gonna. Be. UGE. For Your Game!

Let’s get back to some basics. The americana has cemented its place as a necessary fundamental submission in BJJ. However, as we progress through the ranks the americana seems to be employed less and less by some. Why is this?

This Simple Tweak Turns A Regular Closed Guard Into A Closed Guard On Steroids


Yes, everyone knows what the americana is, and this may make defending it a bit easier. But no matter how far you are in your BJJ journey the americana never loses its effectiveness, you just have to mask it better as your training partners become more aware. Let’s look at a great way to set up the americana with a little bit of bait. In this video Joel Bouhey shows us how to set up a tricky americana from side control. Give it a watch!

In this scenario Bouhey has elected to sit out into a kesa gatame style position. He’s quick to point out that he’s transferred all of his weight to his partner for optimum control. I find in this form of side control that this is a very important detail, as placing your weight on the floor will allow your partner the freedom to move their hips and dismantle the position much easier.

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Bouhey then discusses the perceived threat of stepping over his partners head. Generally, this is unfavorable, and will produce a common reaction. In this case the bottom player reaches to stop the leg from coming over, and this puts the arm at risk. With the arm exposed Bouhey retracts his leg and then snags the limb, molding it into the americana configuration. He returns to a chest to chest position, and finishes the lock.

If your basic americana attacks have been feeling a little stale, breath some new life back into them with this simple, effective technique.

Luis Heredia Black Belt Joel Bouhey’s Falcon Guard Opens Up A Ton Of Easy Sweeps & Submissions. Though it just looks like closed guard, it is a closed guard 2.0! These guard concepts will make closed guard cool again! Use this system for both gi and no gi jiu jitsu. Check it out here!



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