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Fighters To Watch At 2018 IBJJF No Gi Worlds: Middleweight

Fighters To Watch At 2018 IBJJF No Gi Worlds: Middleweight


With IBJJF No-Gi Worlds in one week, let's take a second and look at some of the most high profile competitors who will be trying to become a no-gi champion.

With IBJJF No-Gi Worlds in one week, let's take a second and look at some of the most high profile competitors who will be trying to become a no-gi champion.

Isaque Bahiense

Isaque has had a stellar year already, topped with a world championship in the gi. The Alliance middleweight has made himself a star with exciting matches and an aggressive, dynamic style that forces a lot of scrambles and exchanges. At worlds this year, he beat Tommy Langaker, Jaime Canuto, and Claudio Calasans, and this year he's also gotten wins against Gustavo Batista, Clark Gracie, Renato Canuto, Otavio Sousa, and Charles Negromonte! With a gold medal at No-Gi Worlds, Isaque can cap off one of the most successful years of any grappler on the planet.

Lachlan Giles

A 2-time ADCC veteran and IBJJF Pan Pacific champion, Lachlan Giles is a grappler with a great shot at the podium this year. After a gritty bronze medal performance last year, he's rallied to another strong year where he aims to move up the podium. Can this Aussie no-gi specialist win it all?

Frustrate And Dominate The Competition With This Killer Half Guard From Down Under


Enrico Cocco

A no-gi specialist with a reputation for actively hunting the submission, this ADCC veteran adds a threat to anyone in the bracket. He'll be without his favorite submission, the heel hook, but his activity and transitions can help him score.

Dante Leon

Dante is a very exciting GFT Ohio black belt, with one of the best reverse De La Riva guards in the world. After winning this year at No-Gi Pans, he is eager to add on a world gold medal.

Learn The Secrets Behind A Championship Half Guard With World Medalist And ADCC Veteran Lachlan Giles


Jaime Canuto

Jaime is one half of the Canuto brothers and a two-time bronze medalist at the IBJJF World Championships, and has made a name for himself at the regional level with a busy schedule and lots of medals. He's picked up a lot of wins this year, including over Jonathan Satava, Manuel Ribamar, Charles Negromonte, and Adam Wardzinski. Canuto just needs to string together a few of these wins to really contend for gold.

Vitor Oliveira

Vitinho is a 3-time Masters World Champion who is dropping back down to adult for the no-gi worlds. The GF Team representative has been very active, hitting all the big tournaments and usually preferring to play top. He's been on the podium at the world level many times, and he can factor into any fight at the elite level.

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Felipe Cesar

Last year's silver medalist is back to claim gold. Felipe won 4 fights last year before losing on advantages to Josh Hinger in the final. Felipe is an ADCC veteran as well, and he brings a lot of international experience.

Manuel Ribamar

Ribamar has gotten to a new level lately, especially after a great showing at the World Series of Grappling 2 event, including a win over world champion Gabriel Arges. Manuel is a former world champion at brown belt, in 2015, so he knows what it's like to win at the international level. With his new level up, he looks to contend heavily for the podium.

Lucas Rocha

Rocha is a guy who can fight with anyone, but still needs to put together a whole tournament for the championship medals that match his skill. He has turned in matches where he looks like a world beater, and other times he loses positions that he usually wins. With a decent draw and some early success, Rocha could be on the podium.

Lachlan Giles, head coach of Australia’s Absolute MMA, is back with BJJ Fanatics to show one of his best positions, the offensive half guard that he uses to win tons of tournaments at the world black belt level


Mike Perez

Mike Perez is another no-gi specialist with a physical style that he's honed under Andre Galvao. He picked up big wins over Craig Jones and Dante Leon at Kasai this year, and a bronze medal at no-gi Pans.

Cesar Casamajo

Another regional competitor looking to break through, Cesar Casamajo has been steadily improving his overall game (complimenting an elite butterfly guard) and is a darkhorse contender for a medal.



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