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Finally, A Triangle For Grapplers With Short Legs

Finally, A Triangle For Grapplers With Short Legs



The triangle choke is a fundamental technique in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that works by inhibiting blood flow to the brain by pinching the carotid arteries. The move is typically set up from most forms of guard but is most popular in closed guard. This strangle utilizes the legs of the attacker entirely to squeeze the head and arm of the defender.


Although this choke is taught very early on, many students continue to have a difficult time finishing it. I remember being very good at catching the triangle choke position but was never really able to get the tap from my opponents. I always thought that it was due to not enough strength, but later learned a few tips that improved it drastically.


One group of grapplers that continuously have a hard time with the triangle is grapplers with short legs, especially if they are stockier. The triangle is a great technique for grapplers with long legs since they can wrap up their opponents easily. This does not mean that the triangle choke is impossible for grapplers with small legs, in fact, I’ve noticed that having shorter legs makes the choke even tighter.

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For the most part, you won’t be going up against a much bigger grappler in a tournament, so that can be a little helpful. Still though, especially for short and stocky grapplers, they may still face some difficulty. For this group of grapplers, they’re should be a much bigger emphasis on body position so as to enable the appropriate length for choking. In the following video, legendary instructor John Danaher provides some tips for those grapplers facing a physical difficulty in locking up the choke.


The primary tip Danaher discusses in this video is getting the right angle for the choke. The appropriate angle allows the attacker to eliminate the shoulder, but also places the legs in the appropriate position to apply the greatest amount of force. There are a lot of ways to get the correct angle, and what John shows is rather advanced but works very well. The greatest part of this video is that even though it is directed towards a specific group, the tips he provides works well for literally every grappler.

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