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Shut Down the Hitchhiker Escape with Lachlan Giles

Shut Down the Hitchhiker Escape with Lachlan Giles


Great Technique To Negate The Hitchhiker...

You’ve probably heard of the hitchhiker escape. It’s likely the most well-known arm bar escape in all of BJJ. And for good reason. Done properly, the hitchhiker can be an incredibly effective tool to escape the clutches of the arm lock and land yourself in superior position. Perhaps no one has perfected the hitch hiker better than Garry Tonon. I once attended a seminar where someone asked him to show the technique. The explanation and drilling lasted nearly 45 minutes, and the details were phenomenal. If you don’t know the escape, it's worth some research and your time. Look into it!

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On the flipside, when we’re attacking the arm bar, the hitch hiker is something that we will undoubtedly encounter at some point. Due to its familiarity and rise in popularity it has become a go to escape that many enjoy. In this video Lachlan Giles shows us how to put a stop to the infamous escape. And it may be a little simpler than you think. Check this out!

Giles first gives us a little insight in how the technique works. As he sits back with the arm bar to finish, his partner bridges, and begins to roll over his shoulder while walking in a circle towards Giles’s head.

To stop his partners motion Giles guides his partner’s arm over his right hip. This is the first step in stopping him from moving in the direction he wishes to unravel the arm lock. The second layer of this defense really throws a wrench in the bottom players plan of escape.

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Before Giles sits back to try and finish the arm bar, he throws both of his feet to the underside of his partners head, almost cradling it. This makes it nearly impossible for his partner to continue on the same path of defense. Great answers here for a common escape!

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