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Finding You Tribe. Jiu Jitsu Is Here!

Finding You Tribe. Jiu Jitsu Is Here!


We All Need People. Find The Best...

For the most part, all for us want a place to belong. Being social is human, and being a part of something is a really big part of what people need in their lives. Finding like minded people, and just simply fitting in can be difficult. Sharing common interests, finding common ground, and just simply having fun with friends is key to a fulfilled life. Enter Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Seen by some as an “individual” sport, the people that surround you, your “tribe”, matter more than anything for your success and longevity in the sport, and you life in general.

Yes, while performed, jiu-jitsu is an individual sport. It is you and your opponent, and if something bad is happening, right then, you are the only one that can fix it. Your skill and your attitude are the only things that can help. But, in jiu-jitsu, we cannot just arrive at a high level without the help of our tribe. Our training partners. They push us when we need it. They keep it real when we are slacking off or being lazy. This takes this individual sport, and turn it into a pseudo-team sport. We cannot succeed in any of our goals without our team, our tribe. They play a pivotal role in our journey through jiu-jitsu.

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And, even more, your training partners become your family. Over time, the love and influences permeate to even more than just your work on the mats. Your teammates become your brothers and sisters, and begin to make a greater space in your heart. They not only share in your progress and accomplishments on the mat, but also in your life. They wish, and remember! your birthday. They all wish you luck at your new job, or when you get a promotion. They are interested and wish you all the best in all things you pursue outside the gym. They become integral parts of your life as a whole, not just on the mats.

But, why does this happen? Why do these random people that decide to choke me all the time want to get to know me? It's because we all struggle, hurt, grow, succeed, and achieve together. Jiu-jitsu is hard, and everyone, at all levels, feels it all the time. Higher belts know the struggles of the new white belts, and we can relate and understand. We have been there. And, we all know struggle and strife with our everyday life, and how hard it can be sometimes. We are only human. Unlike anything else, jiu-jitsu drills down to the core of our being, and strips away all of the nonsense the can cover up our real selves. With this, you get to see what a person is really like. And this affinity is what draws us together. We all struggle, and we all succeed. And jiu-jitsu makes these achievements and downfalls as real as can be. You cannot fake this. And that is what people want. That is what builds a tribe.

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Your tribe can really help to define your life. Your mother always said to not be hanging around with the wrong crowd. And your jiu-jitsu family has that covered. The realness and purity of jiu-jitsu flushes out the garbage in people, and creates human beings that are important to us. This is your group. Your family. Your tribe.

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