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Fine-Tuning the Basics: The Double Armbar

Fine-Tuning the Basics: The Double Armbar


Following up on our review of the Cross Collar Choke, let’s take another look at the double armbar. 

Renato Canuto is well-known for his prowess with the armbar, and in the video below, he demonstrates this basic move.

Canuto admits that, when he goes back to this move, it always catches people by surprise.  I suppose, given his reputation, they expect something more exotic or elaborate from Canuto.

Canuto tells us that this move is often available when you have your opponent in your closed guard, and they are using their arms to keep distance and maintain their base.

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Instead of tugging on his opponent’s lapels to break his posture, Canuto begins his attack by gripping both of his opponent’s sleeves and raising his hips up off of the mat.  At the same time, he acts as though he is trying to break his opponent’s grips by pushing his opponent’s hands downward away form his own head.

He then quickly drops his hips back to the mat while pulling his knees toward his chest.  At the same time, he pulls both of his opponent’s arms toward his head. The result is that his opponent’s posture is broken and his arms are now vulnerable to armbars.

Even if your opponent’s posture is not completely broken, it’s not a problem as long as his arms have come forward and are available for armbars.

Canuto then brings his hips up to the point where his hips are bumping into his opponent’s triceps.  From here, he can place his calves over both of his opponent’s shoulders and lock his feet together behind his opponent’s head to establish a high guard.

To get the submission, Canuto maintains control of his opponent’s wrists with his hands while he squeezes his knees together and raises his hips.  

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Even if something goes wrong and your opponent can pull one arm free, Canuto shows us that the single armbar is still available.

The most valuable points for fine-tuning this move are the way that Canuto breaks his opponent’s posture and the way he elevates his hips all the way to his opponent’s triceps.

Canuto avoids the time and trouble of simply trying to muscle his opponent down to break his posture.  Instead, he uses a push-pull direction change to catch his opponent unaware.  

And by elevating his hips, he makes it easier to get his calves over his opponent’s shoulders to establish a high closed guard.

See the video below for Canuto’s demonstration:

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