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Complete You Competition Closed Guard With Combination Attacks!

Complete You Competition Closed Guard With Combination Attacks!



Regardless of your level making the Closed Guard an integral part of your Jiu-Jitsu game is a good choice. One major reason is that it provides options to all body types, and can give a feeling of control that many people find other positions lacking. Wrapping your legs around your opponent’s waist in Closed Guard is a simpler concept than say De La Riva, so the position lends itself well to beginners. 

That said, there is surely no lack of sophistication when it comes to the layers of attacks and sweeps that a good closed guard player can apply. Just ask Jake Mackenzie creator of Competition Closed Guard! Check out this SWEET arm drag/wrist lock combo from the man himself.

The closed guard is also a great position because it let’s you have a lot of “sensitivity” to what you opponent’s intentions are. Since you have your legs wrapped and you hands engaged it can be a great way for beginners to grasp the concept of using all of your body at the same time. A common occurrence is when the guard passer puts their hands on your hips. This is done to try and maintain a strong posture. Since this happens frequently it’s good to have options to address it. 

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Jake likes to utilize a 2-on-1 grip combined with a hip lift. The hip lift is essential because it provides a separation in your opponent’s grip and your belt/hip. This allows Jake to do his slick wrist weave technique, that puts both of his hands on the outside of his partner’s arm. In another section of Competition Closed Guard, Jake uses this grip for a multitude of attacks. Here he demonstrates one avenue of attack which is a lovely one handed wrist lock that is sure to become a local favorite at your academy. 

When threatening the arm drag from the 2-on-1 grip on his partner’s arm, the guard passer will pressure down into Jake's hip to prevent the arm drag from happening. As this happens Jake slides his hand to the end of his partner’s hand, and uses what he calls a cowhand wrist lock. Jake makes special note of keeping his hips active to make your partner carry your weight. If you can gain the appropriate leverage you may in fact get the tap here with the wrist lock. A stronger person may be able to resist the wrist lock, which opens the arm drag for you. 

By using your partner’s resistance to the wrist lock the arm drag becomes way easier. If you are able to time the resistance with the arm drag motion you should be in good shape to take the back. Make sure to make use of the grip on your opponent’s seem on their Gi, this will help the slide by motion required to gain access to their back. Once you have dragged the arm into the “hole” you create with your hip movement, your free arm will need to grab the far Lat of your partner. 

Once the far Lat is gripped Jake immediately gets to his elbow and grips higher on his partner’s elbow. After getting to his elbow, Jake grips his partner’s lapel which will help rotate them for the back take. Mackenzie puts his top foot onto the floor and performs a shrimping motion while his arms help rotate his partner’s upper body. Just like that you now have your opponent’s back!

Competition Closed Guard By Jake Mackenzie gives you the techniques forged in the FIRE of competition. Jake Mackenzie has continued to test his skills against the best in the world, and has compiled his BEST techniques for competition all in Competition Closed Guard!!



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