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Fine-Tuning the Basics: The Ezekiel Choke

Fine-Tuning the Basics: The Ezekiel Choke


Along with the Cross Collar choke, the Ezekiel Choke is usually among the first chokes that white belts learn. 

It’s a popular choice, because the mechanics of this choke are relatively simple to remember and accomplish. This popular choke is named after Ezequiel Paraguassu, the famed Brazilian Judo and Jiu Jitsu practitioner. 

In this tutorial, Murilo Bustamante offers a demonstration of the Ezekiel Choke from mount.

Did you know that Murilo is probably best known for his UFC title defense where he had to tap Matt Lindland out twice? Learn how he did it.


Bustamante begins in mount with his hips pressuring his opponent’s solar plexus.  From this stable position, Bustamante slides back so that his head is in line with his opponent’s head.  This is important because he cannot securely reach around his opponent’s neck from a higher mount position.  

After lowering himself, he can begin to set up the Ezekiel choke.

Bustamante then slips his right arm behind his opponent’s head.  He makes sure to bring his arm through so that his bicep is against the side of his opponent’s neck.

He then slips the four fingers of his right hand deeply into the sleeve of his left arm.  After securing his left sleeve with his right hand, Bustamante brings his left hand over to the other side of his opponent’s neck.  

Bustamante then tightens the choke by pushing his left hand toward the mat while simultaneously raising his right arm.  Notice that, in the still shot below, Bustamante has actually lifted his right elbow off of the mat as he torques his opponent’s head.

Rather than simply attack the choke from a square position as most people do, Bustamante tightens his choke even further by torqueing his opponent’s head slightly downward and to Bustamante’s left.

As Bustamante goes into the details of his attack, he notes that he maintains his position on his opponent by keeping his feet hooked around his opponent’s legs as he executes the choke.  This prevents his opponent from sweeping him while his weight is unbalanced.

For Bustamante’s entire Ezekiel tutorial, watch the video below:

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