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Finish the Single Leg with Rustam Chsiev

Finish the Single Leg with Rustam Chsiev



Every beginning wrestler should learn how to finish the single leg takedown. Its versatility in the match is unparalleled, leaving you with a plethora of endings based on your opponent’s movement. However, one of the most common traits for new wrestlers when finishing the single is viewing it as simply “jerking the leg.” As a result, you often see novices struggling to hit a takedown against formidable opponents. 

If you are a new wrestler or coaching a batch of new athletes, it’s important to know how to finish the single. To illustrate the move, ADCC bronze medalist Rustam Chsiev is shown in the video below to provide his insight. 

Initial Position

Rustam begins his takedown with a shot to the outside of his opponent’s body. You can accomplish this with many set-ups to hit the external angle, such as an arm drag or duck under. Rustam has his head on the inside by the hip, which will be used later on as a fulcrum. His arms are crossed to maintain his grip, with his outside arm overlapping his inside arm. He is in a prime position to work for the finish. 

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Opponent’s Defensive Tactics

Even though your opponent is compromised with one leg, they still have methods of preventing the takedown. One tactic is to move the leg to the outside of your body to establish an outside angle. This works to create additional space, so your counter to that is to bring the leg back between your legs. Another common defense is to attempt a whizzer on the outside arm. To negate this, your elbows need to be in rather than flared out to reduce any space for the whizzer. 

The Finish

Many finishes are available for the single leg, but Rustam focuses on one in the video: running the pipe. His opponent’s leg is between his legs and his head is fastened to their hip. As the opponent continues to move out of the way from trips, Rustam hits his finish by taking a step forward with his inside leg, stepping back with his outside leg, and whipping the leg and the opponent down. The inside head positioning here is a critical portion, as it can be used to press the hip down and collapse the fram more than simply pulling the leg. 

Once you have a single leg, you need to know how to finish the takedown. Regardless if you’re a seasoned veteran in the sport or a relative newcomer, knowing this move may be the difference between a smooth victory or a hard defeat. Yet with Rustam Chsiev’s strong finish for the single leg, you can be rest assured that the former happens a lot more than the latter.

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