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Fanatics Take On Kasai 6

Fanatics Take On Kasai 6


What are you doing on August 17th? If your answer isn’t “watching Kasai Pro 6”, then you should change your answer! Soon, some of the worlds best grapplers will be arriving in Atlantic City, New Jersey to participate in the 6th edition of the Elite Grappling Championship event. This year breaks precedence by introducing the first world bantamweight (135lb) championship division. BJJ Fanatics will be represented by three different fighters on the card; Tom Deblass has a superfight against Andrew Tevay in the heavyweight division, Matheus Diniz is up against Josh Hinger in the 190lb weight class, and Yuri Simoes meets with Kaynan Duarte in another heavyweight bout. Kasai was started in 2016 and is not only commits itself to providing matches between talented male and female grapplers from around the world, it aims to develop and improve the public’s perspective and respect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a sport. 

Matheus Diniz and Josh Hinger were one of the first superfights announced, and many people are so excited to see the two of them rematch. Both are black belts and formidable opponents with very different styles. There’s no doubt the match will be technical, fast paced and very exciting to watch! 

Next announced was Yuri Simoes and Kaynan Duarte’s match up. Duarte will be coming in to the fight in defense of his current Kasai 5 Champion, but there is no doubt that Yuri will be able to give him a run for his money. Both fighters are known to be aggressive and in it to win, so this is bound to be a battle of the ages. This is the first time the black belts will be facing off 

with each other, and their well rounded grappling styles will be sure to bring up some very technical and applause worthy moves. 

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Lastly, but most certainly not least was the reveal of the main card superfight between Tom Deblass and Andrew Tevay. There’s no question about the level of charisma and skill that will be seen during this fight, and it is definitely being less than patiently anticipated. Deblass is a well respected and widely known fighter in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts settings; he is sure to bring his best technique and unique combination grappling style to the match. Tevay is a young fighter, out to make his way up the ranks; He shows huge potential and provides the match with the exciting air of the unknown. 

With these three superfights on top of the new addition of the bantamweight card, Kasai Pro 6 is absolutely not one to miss! The event is split into three categories; Undercard, Main card and tournament. The undercard matches will be six minutes long with the Gi matchups following the IBJJF rules and the no gi ones following the Kasai point system. The Main Card superfights will be ten minutes long and follow the Kasai point system, there will be a five minute golden score overtime allowed and in the event of a tie will be a Judges decision. The nogi tournament is two round-robin brackets of four, made of eight competitors. Each match is three, six minute rounds following the Kasai point system; The fighter with the most points will advance to the final. The final match of the tournament will also be six minutes with a two minutes golden overtime allowance. 

Tune in on August 17th and be a part of the Grappling event that is sure to be a highlight of the summer and cheer on your BJJ Fanatics fighters! 

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