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Fix Your Takedowns, Advice by Henry Cejudo

Fix Your Takedowns, Advice by Henry Cejudo


When we first start learning how to wrestle in Jiu Jitsu, we begin immediately with takedowns like the double under or single leg takedown. Initially, it may not seem like an issue to do this when you’re going against white belts, but the moment you go against a grappler with a decent stand up game, you will realize you have approached stand up the wrong way.

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If you recall your first few days of Jiu Jitsu, you should remember how important it is to focus on basic movements like shrimping and bridging. The first movements we teach new students at our academy are these two basic movements that are useful in many different techniques in the sport.

Just like shrimping and bridging, there are basic movements in wrestling that need to be learned very early on and constantly trained throughout your Jiu Jitsu career. These two movements are level changes and penetration steps. Although these moves seem simple, they are actually kind of difficult for people who have never wrestled before, and that’s an even greater reason why they need to be drilled.

Level changes and penetration steps are essential movements in many takedowns but most notably shooting takedowns like double legs and single legs. Double and single legs are also the most used takedowns, especially no-gi, but in order to master them, you have to master the basic techniques needed to execute them appropriately.

In the following video, UFC star Henry Cejudo, a master wrestler, demonstrates how to do the level change and penetration step in a very technical and detailed way.

The way we practice these at our academy is doing them down the mat. First, we do it alone and then we do it against a partner as if we are shooting a double leg. This advice by Henry Cejudo will definitely help your game so make sure you implement it and drill it frequently.

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