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Fix Your Triangle With This Detail By John Danaher

Fix Your Triangle With This Detail By John Danaher


Although the triangle choke has been a submission used for a long time in Jiu Jitsu, many grapplers have a hard time finishing it. The triangle has a different set of problems for each different type of body unless you have both long and thick legs. As a small grappler with long legs, I have no issue locking the triangle, but I do with applying pressure.

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Shorter grapplers with thick legs have a hard time even locking the triangle in place and therefore it becomes very difficult to get the squeeze needed to get the tap. In my years of grappling, I’ve heard so many different pieces of advice for each of these problems but it seems that they are not that helpful.

What we need to be looking for is a fix that works for everyone and focuses on the central problem everyone faces. The real problem, which is not usually realized, is that these body types make it difficult to get the best angle for the finish. If we can find a way to maneuver our legs to get a great angle, we can all fix our triangles.

Fortunately for us, people like John Danaher are out there constantly trying and experimenting with different tools and finding the ones that work the best. It is also fortunate that they are willing to share these details with us. Watch the following video below in which John demonstrates how we can all improve our angle for the triangle.

It may be hard to see but essentially what John’s tip does is rotating the triangle lock so that the greatest amount of pressure is applied to the carotid arteries. Even if you have a great squeeze, if you aren’t squeezing against the carotid arteries, it will be difficult to get the tap against a decent grappler.

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