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Recover from the Turtle with Lachlan Giles

Recover from the Turtle with Lachlan Giles


Never Let Them Pass, And Get Your Guard Back!

The turtle has evolved into a dynamic position over the years. BJJ players such as Eduardo Telles have transformed the turtle into its own position with an impressive set of utilities that and unique characteristics.

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I’ve personally in my training mostly use the turtle as a transitional position. When attempting to re-compose my guard, I often find myself moving to the turtle as a secondary, and sometimes primary means of escape or guard retention. This type of guard retention has its benefits, but it must be done properly, or you may end up in your partners back control in the midst of making your escape.

Lachlan Giles has some simple ideas for you to consider when using the turtle position, so that you can be successful when implementing it. The turtle can get a little scrambly sometimes, but Giles is able to break it down beautifully, and address out some key points. Check out this video.

As Giles states, one of the primary concerns when attempting to use the turtle is not allowing your partner to acquire a seat belt grip. Once this happens, your chances of using the turtle effectively can rapidly start to diminish. As Giles begins to move away from his partner, he pushes his partners hand down to avoid the connection of the hands for the seatbelt grip. As he begins to turn over, he’s careful to close any gaps, where hooks and hands may enter. He drives his hips up through the space between his partners arm and body freeing them, and creating the space he needs to swing his outside leg, and recompose his guard.

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In the second technique Giles has missed the opportunity to complete the first option, and ends up on his knees. Again, there’s still a great deal of importance placed on not letting our partner connect their hands for the seat belt. As Giles settles in here, he shifts his focus to his partner’s top arm, and again is sure to close down any gaps or pockets of space that can be used against him. While controlling his partners arm, Giles slips his head to the other side of it, preventing the back take. Giles now uses his left hand to secure his partner’s leg and drives him over or sits back to his guard.

Great solutions here to common themes. Get to work!

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