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Flashlight Self-Defense, with Chad Lyman

Flashlight Self-Defense, with Chad Lyman


Chad Lyman is one of those rare individuals who focuses upon both competition and self-defense.  Lyman is a BJJ black belt and is the lead BJJ coach at Xtreme Couture MMA in Vegas.  He has also served in various positions in law enforcement.

As such, his approach to self-defense is pragmatic and street-wise.  In these videos, Lyman shows us how a small flashlight can serve as a highly-effective self-defense tool.  In the first video, Lyman discusses his preferences in flashlights. In the second, he shows us how to use the flashlight in a self-defense situation.

Lyman prefers a smaller light that will fit in his hands and can be slipped into his pocket.  Flashlights are not restricted items, so he can keep it with him even in restricted areas.

As a self-defense tool, the flashlight can serve as a striking instrument, held in the hand like a roll of quarters, to reinforce his fist or to be used as a striking tool in a hammer-fist attack.

The most important key to using a flashlight in self-defense is safely accessing the flashlight while under attack.

Typically, you would keep a flashlight in your pocket, so Lyman begins his demonstration by showing us how to retrieve the light while under attack. Check it out here!


One major mistake people make, according to Lyman, is in assuming that their tools will save them. However, if a potential attacker is within striking distance of you, a tool in your pocket is inaccessible.  

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To actually use that pocketed flashlight, Lyman must first access it.  But he can safely reach into a pocket only after achieving a safe angle in relation to the attacker.

If Lyman attempts to reach for his flashlight while being attacked, he will end up eating a number of punches since one of his hands is not available to block or defend.

Lyman’s first need is to defend himself from any punches or attacks.  Once he is able to close the distance and position himself where his hips are at a 90 degree angle to his attacker’s hips, then Lyman has an opportunity to access his flashlight and use it to defend himself.

The key, here, is not to treat the flashlight as a first line of defense and expose yourself to harm trying to find it in your pocket.

In this case, Lyman shows that we are clearly better off using both hands to block and defend punches.  

After safely retrieving the flashlight, Lyman can employ it in his self-defense.

The most obvious way he can use the flashlight is to temporarily blind or disorient an attacker by shining or blinking the light in his eyes.  Again in this case, Lyman wants to insure that he is at a safe distance from his opponent and doesn’t need his flashlight hand to defend punches.

A small flashlight can also serve to reinforce his fist as he punches his attacker or the end of the flashlight can serve as a blunt instrument as Lyman hammers his opponent with the side of his fist.

Lyman emphasizes the importance of achieving defensive angles against an attacker, and even after accessing his flashlight, Lyman continues seeking advantageous angles against his attacker while throwing punches and using the flashlight.

To see Chad Lyman’s full discussion of flashlights and his demonstration of how to access a pocketed flashlight during an attack, watch the video below:

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