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Fundamental Hip Bump Attacks with Craig Jones

Fundamental Hip Bump Attacks with Craig Jones



Playing from closed guard brings up different reactions and opinions from different people. Some people believe that if you are on your back then you're losing. Others hold the belief that if you have someone in your closed guard, they have nothing to attack and their only goal is to get out.

Both of these ideas can feel accurate at times, however in Jiu Jitsu sometimes you just need to try and end up in the best position you possibly can. This means that when you need to play closed guard, you ought to have an idea of where to go next.

Some people prefer to play from closed guard, as they feel they can make all of their limbs useful and have a wide range of attacks. In this video, Craig Jones shows a hip bump entry into a triangle choke from the closed guard. Check it out!



The cool thing about hip bump techniques is the wide range of possibilities they offer, particularly from closed guard. From the most basic level you have the hip bump sweep from the closed guard, where you open your guard, reach over the shoulder and grab your partner’s post, and hip bump yourself into mount.

The hip bump also offers kimura attacks using your opponent's posting arm. In this variation, Craig slightly tweaks the traditional closed guard hip bump technique to set up a highly effective triangle choke.

In a traditional hip bump sweep from closed guard, the first thing you are going to do is swim your arms to the inside and start to come up over your partner's shoulder. This starts bringing both you and your partners momentum off to the side to assist in your sweep. The first adjustment Craig makes to this technique is that instead of reaching over the shoulder, he goes for a collar tie.

The collar tie is going to assist in keeping his partners posture broken and momentum moving down to eliminate his changes of escaping. The next part is the same as a traditional hip bump, where you open your guard, post with your outside leg, and use your hip bump to get your partner to post.

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Now that your partner has posted and his arm is out of your way, you can use that to bring your leg up for the triangle and start working your submission. This is where the collar tie proves to be so effective. Without the collar tie, once your partner has regained his balance from initially posting, he could simply posture up and bring his arm back into play with no problem. When you keep your partner's posture broken with the collar tie, it gives him no alternative to keep his post out to refrain from getting swept.

Craig states that when someone is in closed guard and they put their hand on the floor, they are vulnerable and it give us an opportunity to enter. Along with using the post to go get his legs in position for a triangle submission, Craig also uses that post arm to assist him in cutting an angle. When going for the triangle, Craig uses his partner's posting arm to gain an underhook and help pull himself to the side to cut an angle. A lot of people like to go under the leg of their partner to do this which is definitely effective, but since that posting arm is already out there, you may as well take advantage of it.

Craig Jones is an Australian native Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Lachlan Giles and competes for the Absolute MMA Academy internationally. Craig was named IBJJF World No-Gi Champion in 2015 at purple belt, two time ADCC champion, and too many more achievements to list.

If you pay attention to the Jiu Jitsu world, then you know that Criag is one of the few who are currently at the very top of the game. His match stats show that he is particularly proficient with his bottom game, which is all the more reason to pay attention when he demonstrates moves such as these.

Craig has a long list of high level instructionals, and this one specifically focuses on high level triangle and leg lock combos. This four part instructional goes into detail about leg lock breaking mechanics, twisting locks, straight locks, entering and finishing the triangle, and so much more.

Though Craig is at such a high level in the sport, he does a remarkable job of clearly explaining the fundamentals of a technique, breaking down and giving reasoning as to why certain things are important, and pays special attention to detail in terms of finishing mechanics.

The world of leg locks is exploding in popularity these days, and who better to learn from than a competitor in the highest level. Use the time you have as efficiently as possible and improve your overall game with Craig Jones, check out his instructional here!



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