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Get Your Head Right

Get Your Head Right


We’ve all heard it before: “Wow, they’re super talented!”  But are you sure that’s it? Maybe there’s something else that has led to their success?  In fact, I’m convinced that talent is NEVER the most important ingredient for success.

I’ve spent over two decades in the classroom, and I know that talent alone doesn’t get anyone anywhere.  I’ve watched students with sky-high ACT and SAT scores wither and fade out of their classes. They had the talent, but talent didn’t get them to the finish line.

Meanwhile, I’ve watched other students succeed, even though they didn’t have the advantage of the best education or natural talent. 

What was the difference?  What made one student fail while the other succeeded?  It’s all about mindset.

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As a college professor, I can’t look at test scores and tell you which freshman will succeed and which will fail.  Because test scores only tell me about potential and talent. They don’t tell me anything about determination or about a person’s willingness to do the hard work that leads to rewards.  Those test scores don’t tell me whether a person is willing to delay gratification today for a bigger reward tomorrow.

But I can look at a student’s face and tell all of these things.  

Vacant eyes and a glazed expression?  That’s a bad sign. Looking at their phone?  Not good. Sitting as far away as possible? Another bad sign.

On the other hand, focused eyes tell me they’re paying attention.  If they’ve put away their phones so that they won’t be tempted by it, I know that they’re committed.  And if they’re sitting up front, I know they want to be in on the action.

These are all about mindset.  And, in Jiu Jitsu, mindset is equally important.  Your body may execute the choke, but it’s your mindset that makes you go to class, makes you pay careful attention as your coach demonstrates the choke, makes you drill that choke repeatedly, and helps you remember that choke at the right time during a vigorous roll.

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But mindset is something that we don’t really talk about in BJJ.  Most instructional DVDs or YouTube videos focus on techniques, with only a little encouragement at the beginning and end.  

But Tom DeBlass has recognized that we need to discuss mindset.  Mindset is the reason most people don’t make it to black belt. So, he’s just released a new DVD series that focuses specifically on mindset.  The Road to Black Belt and Beyond goes into a detailed discussion of how to approach the marathon of Jiu Jitsu.  He explains the difference between discipline and motivation, and he explains the best mindset for each belt level.  Plus, he offers discussion about deciding to compete, preparing for competition, and dealing with the outcome of competition.

While talent will get you moving in the right direction on your Jiu Jitsu journey, this is the stuff that will get you to the finish line.

Professor Tom DeBlass is here to share his wisdom and to set you forth with the information to improve you BJJ, and your life. His DVD "The Road To Black Belt and Beyond" can help with  injuries, competing, relationships, and MUCH MORE. Check it out here!



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