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Giving Back This Holiday Season - Project Hulk Manaus Brazil

Giving Back This Holiday Season - Project Hulk Manaus Brazil


Exploring a great cause...

In America, we are richly blessed with material goods in comparison to many other parts of the world. The holiday season is around the corner. It should be a reminder to help out those who are in need.  Many Jiu Jitsu gyms have food or toys drives.  It is truly heartwarming. Here is another opportunity to help; Project Hulk Manaus Brazil.

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Below is an excerpt from the Go Fund Me Page for Project Hulk Manaus Brazil.

“….Now I spend my holidays here helping many of the homeless children and children/families in need. I put together packages for each child containing toys, hygiene products, clothing, and other items. I find these children in the streets and with help from my friends and churches. We deliver food to families in need, and we also have a massive cooking staff that prepares food for days just so that they can have a large meal ad Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I have always paid for this myself with thousands and thousands of my own dollars and never took donations. Last year a few of my friends donated and it was great,  Others tried to have items sent to an address there but as many of them will tell you their items were returned or never made it. It is not easy at all an extremely expensive to have items shipped there and many of them will not make it unfortunately to the location. In America it's easy to simply go on to a website and within one minute you can check out in your items show up there in a couple days to your house, unfortunately in other countries it's just not that simple. And many times the shipping far exceeds the cost of the item that someone is sending. The more I do this the more word has gotten out and the more people will reach out to me now asking if I can help and what I can do. I'm hoping that this Christmas 2018 can be bigger and better for the children down there than ever. After Christmas we also will rent an area and arranged buses to pick the children up downtown and bring them for A-day where they can play in some pools and get some good food and also Play with some to ways in just have A-day of fun. When I tell you many of these people have nothing I am not exaggerating comet they literally have nothing other than that torn up clothes on their back and that they are wearing. I have even provided medical care to some of the children in need and the ones that are not able to obtain common medical care and medical needs. If anyone would like to donate and contribute to an amazing cause I would greatly appreciate it, I'm hoping that over the years to come this can turn into something much bigger and continue to make the less fortunate people smile and hopefully pay it forward on their own in the future. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!! I will be in Brazil mid-December to prepare all the items needed and doing the event on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and throughout January as well. Thank you so much to everyone!!! For those who donate your funds will be used to purchase clothes, hygiene products, shoes, sandals, food, toys, medical care, and many other things. A personal video can be made for you as well sponsoring a specific child that receives your items, just let me know if that is what you would like. “

I would encourage everyone to follow this link to see the full story.  Please like and share the Go Fund Me page. This is a great cause and an opportunity for the Jiu Jitsu community to give back.  If this cause is not the right one for you, find one that is and take action this holiday season.


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