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This Might Just Be the BJJ Move of 2018!

This Might Just Be the BJJ Move of 2018!


The Fans Were Head Over Heels for This Pass

Renato Canuto's star is on the rise.  This Checkmat black belt from Sao Paolo who now lives in Las Vegas has made his mark on the jiu jitsu scene in recent years.  At just 22 years of age, he was the runner up at this year's World Championships, being bested by the one and only Lucas Lepri in one of the most exciting matches of the entire event.  He has also made his mark in the non-IBJJF world with his breathtaking performances in the Kasai Pro Grappling events.

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The highlight of the year in our opinion belongs to his match at Kasai Pro 3 in August during his match with Jason Rau.  Check out the slow motion video from the event below.

 During a recent visit to the BJJ Fanatics studios to film his eagerly anticipated "50 Shades of Armbar" series, Renato Canuto took some time to show 5 time world champion Bernardo Faria the ins and outs of this amazing pass.  Check out the breakdown below.

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 Renato sets this technique up when approaching his opponent who has assumed a seated guard.  He will reach for the ankles and lift them to force the opponent to their back.  When the opponent sits up and tries to grab Renato's leg he will kick out and then rather than re-entering the person's guard, he will back flip over looking to grab their head and end in a north south position that can set up a north south choke or other attacks from that position.

Realistically, this may not become the go to move in your guard passing arsenal, but if nothing else, it shows a level of creativity that you can bring to the game.  Once you've gained an in-depth knowledge of the rules of jiu jitsu and in this case, the rules of physics and gravity, you can feel free to break them when you can.  Just don't go breaking your neck in the process!

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