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Go With The Flow



Go with the flow is a term you will hear a lot during training in Jiu Jitsu. It is because a great Jiu Jitsu fighter will be able to flow in his/her movements and techniques. Some people do not understand how they will learn how to flow. There are ways to learn how to flow so you can become better at Jiu Jitsu. Here are some daily ways to train flow…

Submission flows. I really like these and they will definitely help you learn the flow of the game. Submission flows are submission sequences that are trained in a very go to manner. These flows are chains that have submissions that lead one into another. Good examples include going from triangle-armbar-omoplata, or americana-arm triangle-baseball choke. If you can train these flows, you will be able to be a step ahead of your opponent every time. (Check out some great Submission’s Instructional Videos – Click here)

Sweep and escape flows. Here is another great way to train flow. Sweep and escape flows give a Jiu Jitsu fighter the right ideas on how to move from one position into another in a tight and efficient manner. An example includes one partner on their back, hitting a scissor sweep to mount then the other partner doing a mount escape. That way both partners can feel the flow and how to go from one spot to another spot.

Flow rolling. Flow rolling includes the first two drills I mentioned, but puts them into a live manner. Flow rolling is light, but highly active fighters rolling against one another in a fashion where they are not necessarily looking for a finish, but rather looking to hit as many positions, transitions and submissions/chokes as you can. This type of rolling has to be quick and active. Two fighters go against one another, going from submission to submission to position, to a sweep and etc. This rolling type will help you when you roll normal, because it will give you not only the right ideas, but the correct feeling and pressures you need.

The best fighters in the world know how to flow. It can be daunting for some. Everyone likes to be tough, and tense, yet that can hinder your progress in the art. Learning to flow is so important. As Bruce Lee said “be like water”. Water cannot be stopped. Water can chop down mighty canyons and keep on flowing. So…be like water.



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