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Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon Roll with Nearly 40 People with no Breaks at Super Seminar

Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon Roll with Nearly 40 People with no Breaks at Super Seminar


Amazing Gestures From The Best Grapplers In The World...

As I sat and watched Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon roll with nearly 40 people in a row, I couldn’t help but appreciate, well, everything about the situation. The two best no gi grapplers on the planet made a trip to Cortland, OH to give a super seminar together at Leverage BJJ, a Tom DeBlass Affiliate academy.

Getting these two men in the same room on the same day to share their knowledge is a pretty special opportunity. Watching them train is a pleasure in itself. As their jiu-jitsu comes to life round after round, and they navigate each different body and skill set, you get a glimpse of just how high the level of these top tier athletes goes.

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From white to black belt and from youngest to oldest in the room, Tonon and Ryan gave everyone the chance to feel what the best jiu-jitsu in the world is like. They matched pace and used incredible control to make the matches enjoyable for lower ranks, and the greener crowd. When the young guns and higher ranks wished to turn it up a bit, they we’re obviously prepared to accommodate, and this made for some interesting moments.

We don’t get the chance to experience this kind of BJJ every day. So, when we do, it’s important that we appreciate and enjoy the experience. I enjoy seminars very much and I’ve attended my fair share, but rarely do the athletes come in the night before, and train with an enormous crowd of students. I don’t believe anyone on the mat was left without a round with Ryan or Tonon. I think this says a lot about these two men.

Looking around the room at all of the smiles and feeling the amazing energy that only Tonon and Ryan can bring, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for being a part of something so positive. There will be many memories from our BJJ voyage, but this is something that will certainly stick in our BJJ minds for years to come.

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