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A Woman, an Arm Bar, and Street Justice

A Woman, an Arm Bar, and Street Justice


 BJJ Technique Wins In This Great Example Of Self Defense!

Ever wonder if you would be able to use the techniques you learn in BJJ in a real-life scenario? A 22-year-old woman in the Brazilian state of Amazonas was able to do just that. Sabrina Leite was standing outside of her home when she was approached by a man trying to take her cell phone. She refused to give the phone to the man, they argued, and he ran. Leite chased the man, took him to the ground, and executed an arm bar submission on him.

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In the video you can hear the alleged robber scream in pain as Leite subdues him while awaiting police.

Leite, a white belt who has been training for 4 years, was able to easily take down the untrained robber. The would-be thief assumed Leite would be an easy target because of her gender and age, but he was sorely mistaken.

When asked about the incident, Leite was humble. She explained that she was able to use the submission hold because she had practiced it a lot, stating, “It’s all a question of technique.”

At times in our everyday BJJ practice we may think we have mastered a skill, but this just goes to show you, you can’t practice enough. There are a million variables in a real-life scenario or even live training. The more you practice, the more these things become second nature.

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