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Gordon Ryan Versus Matheus Diniz at KASAI Pro 4

Gordon Ryan Versus Matheus Diniz at KASAI Pro 4


The "King" Faces Off Against Matheus Diniz!

On November 10th Kasai Pro plans to have the one of the most exciting events of the year for Jiu Jitsu competition. The tournament card itself is stacked with some of the best around including huge names like Geo Martinez, Paulo Miyao, and Gianni Grippo. The most interesting aspect of the tournament card is the split between competitors who play guard mostly and those who prefer the top game. This distinction between the competitors will lead to an awesome display of skill and ferocity.

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Kasai has also confirmed three spectacular super-fights for the event. The one we are excited for most is the one taking place between Gordon Ryan and Matheus Diniz. The two New York black belts have yet to compete against each other. The other superfights slated for this November event include one between Matheus Lutes and PJ Barch (author of our greatest "10th Planet Top Game No Gi Back Takes") and another with Vagner Rocha going against Renato Canuto.

Gordon Ryan has had a hugely successful year in all formats of competition. Most recently, Gordon put on a huge show at Quintet 3 submitting the likes of Josh Barnett, Craig Jones, and Vitor Ribeiro to secure a team win. Prior to Quintet, Gordon won gold in IBJJF Pans No-Gi submitting all his opponents in a relentless performance. Gordon does not appear to be worried about this match as he believes he is stronger, more technical, and an overall better grappler than Diniz.


Matheus Diniz is no underdog in this match. He is a well decorated Black Belt under Marcelo Garcia. Diniz also secured the Kasai Pro 185lb championship earlier this year. Matheus also competed extensively this year, mostly in IBJJF competitions around the country, and performed remarkably well. Matheus also exclaims that he is ready for this match and that Gordon will have his hands full.

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The aggressive style of Diniz against the lax Gordon Ryan will make for a really exciting match with a lot of submission attempts from both players. At this stage, it will be difficult to predict how this match will go, other than that it will be very entertaining. You can purchase tickets for this Manhattan event on the Kasai Pro website or catch it live on FloGrappling.

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