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The Baseball Bat Choke

The Baseball Bat Choke


Baseball and Jiu Jitsu! These are a few of my favorite things!! Being able to tie the two together on the mats is quite exciting!! The baseball bat choke is a fun way to do just that!

The way most of us learn a traditional baseball bat choke is to position your hands just like your holding a baseball bat. A thumb in palm down collar grip on your opponent's near side lapel behind the neck, and a 4 finger in, palm up grip on their opposite lapel. Once the grips are secured you need to bring your elbows together to eliminate any space around the neck. This is an effective choke from several different positions but you need to be careful not to telegraph the set up and give your opponent the chance to defend.

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Professor Kenneth Brown shows a great variation of the baseball bat choke using a “mind blowing” great tip that he learned from Magid Hage who hits a home run with a baseball bat choke quite often. The way we initially learned the choke can set us up to essentially be arm-barred, this tip takes that submission out of play.

He also breaks down how to secure the grips in an effective and almost defenseless way from half guard.

First The “Mind Blowing” Switch Hitter Tip!

This grip reverses your far hand being palm up to your near hand being palm up, and your far hand is the thumb in, palm down grip. This allows you to change the direction of your execution and go belly down for an effective alternative to the choke versus having to turn away from your opponent as you must do with the opposite hand grips to get the choke. In fact the choke is there quite quickly and can be accomplished without having to go belly down if your elbows are tight, (touching) and grips secure. Finishing the choke before you go belly down requires you to have your forearm under the chin of your opponent, with your elbows touching and the grips on the lapel a simple twist should do the trick.  If your opponent is either really strong or really stubborn you may need to continue to the belly down technique. As your opponent is still stuck in your half guard, use your legs to raise your opponent forward and switch your legs to get to that deadly belly down position and almost immediately get the tap.

The Biggest Struggle

Professor Brown knows the biggest issue you’ll encounter with this is getting the grips. No one is going to allow you to just get these devastating grips on your Gi, they will be defending and working their own game.

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Let’s look at how he advises setting up the grips without your opponent knowing it’s coming.

Using your knee shield leg and kicking it up into your opponents arm pit throws them off balance and predictably forces them to base their hand on the mat. If not they are going to fall over, while based and their hand occupied, this allows you to open their Gi with a thumb down grip, they are inevitably going to push back into you setting up the timing for you to get that 4 finger in, palm up grip on their Gi and secure your 2nd thumb in, palm down grip on their opposite lapel. This is your opportunity to get working with the rest of the steps described above to finish the choke and get the submission.

Get to the mat and swing away with this effective way to get a baseball bat choke submission today!

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