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BJJ: The Perfect Martial Art to Combat Bullying

BJJ: The Perfect Martial Art to Combat Bullying


Are Your Children Prepared? Give Them The Tools They Need. Get Them Into BJJ.

Bullying has become such a hot topic issue over the past decade, and you may even go as far as saying it’s turned into a marketing tactic for several different organizations as well. While bullying is a problem, and we wish for none of our kids to ever have to experience it, shining a light on it through social media and bringing awareness to it with conversation only, may not be the most pro-active way to correct it.

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Martial arts, and because we’re biased BJJ in particular drives confidence. Confident children are at a lower risk of being bullied. They carry themselves differently, and when they believe in their abilities they are much less likely to be the subject of bullying. But you can’t just tell a child to be confident, and expect it to become their reality. They have to believe in it before it’s real. Some kids are naturally more confident than others, making this process much easier. At the other end of the spectrum it may require more time and effort before a more introverted child gains their confidence. Consistency and reinforcement are key.

Why BJJ?

Placing your child in Jiu-jitsu, and doing it at the right academy can play a key factor in how your child deals with bullying, and may actually help them to become less of a target, by helping them to understand the power of grappling in a physical situation, and the responsible application of submissions.

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With BJJ, children get to engage in realistic grappling situations that mimic what a real physical altercation may feel like. This provides the child with experience in dealing with a physical conflict. With BJJ being the ultimate art of control, the chances of your child ending up on the safer end of a real scuffle drastically increases, as does the likelihood of both parties going home safely. When kids grapple in BJJ class they witness firsthand the power of what their learning, and this may be the most important factor in developing that unshakable confidence we all so desperately want for our children.

What about the submissions, are they dangerous?

Yes, submissions are dangerous. But the right academy will explain to your child that we use submissions to gain cooperation and control in fight, not to inflict injury. Most bullies are misunderstood, and there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes bullies. So, while your child doesn’t deserve to end up in the hospital over a schoolyard conflict, the bully doesn’t either. Compassion must be taught for these children as well, because in most cases their behavior stems from a different place.

No one wants their children to be bullied. It can be a helpless feeling for parents. We owe it to our children to prepare them in the best way possible for a world that seems increasingly more difficult for kids to navigate. Give them a leg up with some BJJ training, and see if it can be a catalyst for some confidence building in your child.

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