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Getting Submissions with the Scissor Sweep

Getting Submissions with the Scissor Sweep


 Old School Technique That Really Works!

The scissor sweep is an old school Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique that is in the curriculum of core moves all beginners learn. The scissor sweep has some attributes that make it a move that helps explain the concept behind why Jiu Jitsu actually works. It is a simple technique that uses a wedge that can help sweep people of all sizes with minimal strength. Unfortunately, the scissor sweep is not commonly utilized by higher ranked practitioners because it is rather easy to defend. Fortunately, there are various techniques from the scissor sweep position that help counter various defenses and force opponents into submissions.

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One counter to the scissor sweep defense as attacking an armbar on the arm you are gripping. The quickness of this technique and elusiveness make it quite interesting and easy to use. In the following video, Rodrigo Artilheiro goes over this technique with great detail. In order for this technique to work though, especially against experienced grapplers, is that the guard player needs to fully sell this sweep. If the bottom player is hesitant, a top player may become wary of that and pull back. Another way of getting this armbar is when a top player tries to pin their elbow to the bottom wedge so as to start passing. If you see this happening, this is a great opportunity to pull their arm in and attack the submission.

Another submission I attack often from the scissor sweep is a triangle choke. When setting up the scissor sweep, the top leg is normally placed across the torso of the passer. An alternative to doing it like this is placing the leg over the arm and then across the torso. From here, sell the sweep and if it fails, rotate your hips in the opposite direction and lift your legs up to lock the triangle. It is vital to pull the arm of the top player that you are gripping strongly to prevent a counter to the triangle attack.

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Although old school techniques are often difficult to finish against skilled opponents, we can use those positions to transition to more effective techniques. Interestingly, I only started to focus on my closed guard late into my blue belt period because I became aware of great transitions such as the one above.

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