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The X Guard is one of the most applicable and effective open guards in Jiu Jitsu. X Guard allows for a variety of simple sweeps, back takes and submissions. This particular open guard can change the momentum of a match in just a couple seconds. There are some great techniques you can use to dominate your own opponent and they all come from the X Guard. Here are some of those great techniques in print and on video.

Basic X Guard Sweep

One of the beautiful aspects of X Guard is the fact that so many different sweeps are available. If you are not the best takedown artist, you can still get on top of your opponent if you have a real understanding of the X Guard. The first sweep is a basic sweep. You get to the X Guard position, in whatever way that you can. You start by controlling his nearest knee. You then stretch your opponent out, taking away his proper balance. From there you can stretch again and sweep over using pressure from your top leg. This will allow you to then get on top and pass guard. The best techniques from X are all relatively simple.

Kneebar From X Guard

If you enjoy leg locks, then X Guard will also be a good position for you. One of the easiest leg locks to attain from the position is the knee bar. Once you get to X, you have to stretch your opponent out with your legs, as you did with the first sweep. But now you can easily throw your legs over the leg that you are controlling of your opponent. Control the leg, and extend your hips forward to finish the kneebar.

Back Take From X Guard

My favorite technique from X Guard is to take the back. I love attacking the back, as it is one of the most effective ways to beat an opponent. As with the other techniques on this list, you start by getting to the position and then stretching the opponent out with your legs, breaking his balance. Once he is light on his toes with the leg your controlling, you then can pass that same leg to the other side of your head. Spin around, getting reverse hooks on your opponent and grab his belt from the back. Kick out his legs and pull the belt down. You will end up having back control on your opponent and be ready to finish him off with any of your favorite attacks from there.

The X Guard has proven time and time again to be a preferred guard of Jiu Jitsu champions. BJJ legend, Marcelo Garcia has used it to great effect in his huge competition wins, and JT Torres has shown his dominance from the position. Felipe Pena, is another world class black belt with some great X Guard skills. And he has a DVD out that has these skills on display for any BJJ fighter that wants to expand knowledge on the position.

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