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Ways To Improve In Sparring



Sparring (or rolling) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the reasons that the art is so effective. Unlike other styles of martial arts that perform their techniques in the air, with no real resistance, BJJ relies on actually proving its worth through sparring. BJJ students show their knowledge by using their techniques on fully resisting opponents. While sparring can be fun, it also can be frustrating if you feel that you’re not improving in that area. Here are three ways you can improve in sparring.

Spar as much as you can

When it’s time for sparring, you need to get in as many rounds as you can. Too many times, people will roll once or twice and call it a night. Get four or five rounds in against different people. Everyone will have different body types. They will have different experiences. And they will have different ways that they use their Jiu Jitsu. By getting as many matches you can while in the gym, you will improve and be ready to win championship titles at tournaments. Putting in the time will not only get you technically ready, but cardio ready as well.

Have a game plan

When you are sparring, you need to have a game plan. Just as you would have one going into a tournament bout, you need to have one for when you roll. Having a thought out, cohesive game plan will let you be able to do what you want, and give you a higher chance of getting your opponent to tap out. By making and following through with a game plan in sparring will give you the experience you need to make a solid game plan when it counts the most. If you go in without one, you will find it hard to do anything that you actually want to do.

Have your go to techniques

This is goes along with having a game plan. You need to pick a handful of your very best techniques. For example, pick three of your best submissions or chokes, two of your best sweeps, and a guard pass. When you roll, go after your opponent with those techniques with precision and vigor. Having these techniques to use will give you a higher chance of winning. Once again, another example, if you are excellent with the bow and arrow choke, then when you are on your opponent’s back, go after that choke, instead of other techniques.

Success is sparring is not only good for your Jiu Jitsu, but it is good for your confidence and problem solving skills. Follow these concepts and you will find that success. Everyone starts out getting smashed, then they become the ones that do the smashing. From being the nail, to being the hammer. Rodolfo Vieira’s Jiu Jitsu Domination DVD set goes over the last two concepts of having game plans and having your best techniques. It is a helpful teaching tool for any Jiu Jitsu student.

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