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Easy Collar Chokes From Closed Guard

Easy Collar Chokes From Closed Guard


While there are endless combinations of attacks from the closed guard, two that are often overlooked at the collar chokes. Most people opt to go after the standard techniques, such as armbars and triangle chokes, which is fine. But two great techniques from the closed guard happen to be the cross collar choke and the ezekiel choke. While both chokes are associated with the mount position, they are readily available off of your back. Take a look at these easy collar chokes from closed guard.

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Cross Collar Choke

First, the cross collar choke. The cross collar choke is one of the first collar chokes you will learn in BJJ. It is simple as can be and effective. While it shares a slightly different grip then the mount version, it is essentially the same technique still. The first key thing to do, is to use your dominant hand to get your first four finger in cross grab grip on the opponent’s collar. After that, use your other hand to get the other cross grab, but gripping underneath your dominant arm. While the mount version uses a thumb in grip, the guard version will use two four finger grips. This is the difference. Also for this version from the closed guard, on your grips, try to get your fingers almost on the back of his neck. If your fingers from your hands can touch each other, it will be deep enough to work. Pull the opponent’s collars tight, bringing his head to your chest and your own elbows to your hips. Here is a small video instructional on the technique.

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Ezekiel Choke

The ezekiel choke, which is also another common BJJ attack from mount, can work great from the closed guard. For the ezekiel, you start it off by getting a dominant hand, four finger cross grab grip on an opponent’s collar. You must shrimp your hips out, and your other arm will go across the back of the opponent’s neck. With that same hand, thumb in grab your own sleeve. The finish is pretty simple from here. All you do, is bring your arm that is over the opponent’s neck to the mat, making sure your elbow is touching the mat. Your other elbow will go up, and it will lock your opponent in a fight ending, collar choke. This neat instructional can give you the right idea.

These collar chokes are fantastic techniques. They work as well from guard as they do from mount. They can also set up some other attacks if the opponent tries to defend them. And that is what can make a technique even more dangerous, is the fact that they can set up more attacks. The collar chokes will make an excellent addition to your guard.

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