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Health Benefits of BJJ



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has different meanings to different people. Some people train in it just for the hobby. Some people want to be Jiu Jitsu champions and to make it their career. While some people want to train in BJJ to be able to defend themselves. But believe it or not, BJJ can be a great health benefit as well. It can aide in the many areas of personal health. Here are some of the ways that Jiu Jitsu can aide your health.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu really works out your cardiovascular system. The warm ups, and then the sparring really will work your lungs and heart. Your blood will be flowing, and your capacity to last longer without having to breathe heavy will occur. Many people who consider themselves in shape usually find out how much that sparring takes out of them. If you train during an entire BJJ class, you will be cardio fit.


While with BJJ, the goal is to have great technique, rather than using strength, you will get stronger during training. Once again, it comes back to sparring. When you spar, you will use all kinds of muscles. You will use your upper body and lower body muscles. You will work your core and your back. In BJJ sparring, you will feel your limbs growing tired and that is okay. With much training, you will become much stronger and your muscles will thank you.


BJJ definitely works out your brain as well. And with your brain work out, it comes back to sparring. When you spar, you will be doing two things. You will have to use quick thinking and problem solving. You will have to think quick to stay ahead of your opponent, and use problem solving in situations like guard passing and all types of escapes. Jiu Jitsu simply keeps your mind nice and sharp.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great work out for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re older, smaller, or out of shape. BJJ will get you in shape! It is also great for older martial artists in Judo and Wrestling, because BJJ tends to be of lower impact. Meaning you won’t wrench your body as much due to the more gentle approach of Jiu Jitsu. If you are interested in learning more about BJJ, start with one of BJJ’s best positions, the full guard. Jiu Jitsu world champion, Bernardo Faria has an excellent DVD on the position, easily called, The Closed Guard.

Click here to see Faria’s DVD set, The Closed Guard.


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