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Examining The Knee Slice Pass (No Gi)



The knee slice pass is a fantastic pass. It is pretty versatile. It can be done in a floating manner or in a pressure filled way. That alone makes it adaptable depending on what kind of opponent you are going against. While it is a staple of gi, it is a little less popular in no gi for some people. This could be because of the lack of the kimono grips such as on the pants or on the lapel. But the no gi knee slice pass is a great one that you should master if you are an active no gi grappler. So, let’s examine the no gi knee slice pass.

As I mentioned, the way to do this pass will depend on what kind of guard retention that your opponent has, and how he reacts. But you can do in a way that is more floating, where you can almost get a little airborne while doing it. The other way is to really grind the pass through, making it more of a pressure pass. Either way works, and there are situations for both. Another fantastic reason to go after the knee slice pass in no gi, is because of the other available options if an opponent defends. Sometimes you can slip right into mount. Then other times you might end up in an opponent’s 3/4 mount, which is easily passable, and can once again go right into the full mount. Even if you are standing up and attempting the knee slice, if your opponent defends, you have the leg drag pass available. The knee slice pass sets up so much!

There are also variations on how to perform the knee slice. It can be done with certain tweaks, and changes to make it work a certain way. One of those variations is the diagonal knee slice. Instead of posting your back foot up and doing a big movement, you can do a variation called the diagonal knee slice, which is the way that Dean Lister prefers. With this way, your back legs stays low to the ground and you do a smaller movement to attain side control. It’s a different, yet effective way of passing the guard with it. All while being done in the no gi environment.

The knee slice gets you where you want to be. It can get you to the dominant position of side control or mount. Right away, that makes the pass a definite to go for. On top of that, if you attempt it and an opponent defends, you are still not in a bad position. Most likely, you can get right back up and attempt it again. Any pass that does not put you in a horrible position while you go for it, is a plus in my book. If you are looking to play around with this pass more and make it a primary one, check out Romulo Barral’s 2 DVD bundle, Pass & Smash. One of the DVD’s goes over the knee slice in its entirety, while the other goes over what to do in side control, once the pass is completed. A must see for anyone!

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