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Having tough and unbreakable grips is one of the keys to having top notch Jiu Jitsu. When a Jiu Jitsu fighter has a strong gripping game, it makes domination of an opponent that much more possible. Grips are used in finishing submissions, passing the guard and controlling of an opponent. In other words, they are very important. There are certain exercises to do to make your gripping stronger. Here are certain things you can do to improve that part of your game…

            Holding. One of the first basic exercises you can do is to use weight and simply hold it. Start low. Start with two 10lb dumbbells in each hand. Hold them in your hands for a set time, gripping the dumbbells strong. I recommend a minute to a minute and half. After a set of holding 10lb dumbbells, then move up in weight. This is a very basic first exercise, but you will see results from it.

The next exercise is hanging. Another great way to make your gripping strength better is to use hanging as a way. On a pull up bar, grab the bar and let yourself hang freely. Try to hang for at least one minute. After successfully doing so, try to set a higher time goal. Another way to up the intensity is to throw a belt (your BJJ belt) over the bar and hang from the belt. But instead of hanging freely, try to hold your weight up by gripping the belt with strength.

Another great exercise is grip drilling with resistance. Start in positions where grips on the gi are absolutely needed (such as spider guard, de la riva, and the use of passes). Once you get the grips you want, have your partner use various levels of resistance to try and break your grips. This way, you can get the exact grip positions that you need and make them more powerful. It helps to have those specific drills to make your specific grips that much better.

And the last important aspect of grip strength training is after-care. Taking care of your fingers, hands, and forearms is essential. Using massage tools, heat and oils on those parts of your body will help them heal, so you can do more grip strength training later on. You want to be able to make your appendages will feel better. By doing these exercises and using the after-care, you will be able to have the advantage over the vast majority that do not train the gripping portion of Jiu Jitsu training. These exercises will help you in the long run. Use them and train. Oss!


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