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Ground Marshal Half Guard Sweep from Neil Melanson

Ground Marshal Half Guard Sweep from Neil Melanson


World famous MMA and grappling coach Neil Melanson is back with another installment of his Ground Marshal Series here at BJJ Fanatics!  This time he brings his unique approach that blends decades of catch wrestling and grappling experience into one of the most terrifying grappling systems out there, to the Half Guard Position with Ground Marshal Half Guard.

He has coached a who's who of MMA superstars and was the long time coach for the Blackzillian Team.  Chael Sonnen famously said about Neil that he'd rather walk up and slap Rickson Gracie in the face five times rather than disrespect Neil Melanson!  That's quite the statement!

Check out this Ground Marshal Half Guard single leg sweep excerpted from the new series.  Afterwards get to BJJ Fanatics and grab yourself a copy!

For more from Neil Melanson, check out the latest release from BJJ Fanatics, Ground Marshal Half Guard!  It's the perfect complement to Neil's other instructionals and will bring a certain savagery to your half guard game that your opponents and training partners will never forget!  You can get it here!





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